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All Monster Summons have been enhance to fit our world! We are focused on making summoning more fun, and more varied. We give each summon a unique range of skills so each is valuable.


[edit] Class-focused Summons

Greater variety, Greater Fun

Each caster Class has two lists of creatures to summon:

  • The class summon: Specific to each class
  • The horrible summon: Change Alignment to evil to see

Each list has 12 different creatures instead of the default 9! (MS 10 to 12 are Pure Class Benefits)

Each Creature has special defenses, offenses, and abilities. Each also has a weakness.

Summons have different kinds of special interaction with characters - some can talk, others use empathy. They can be healed and fed. Feeding animal summons helps their wounds; Others can be healed with bandages. But with each repeated attempt, these methods grow less effective.

On StormNexus, summoned creatures will you anywhere you can go. Through doors, into new areas, you will not lose them!

[edit] Epic characters

Epic characters gain great benefits from summons. Caster level matters. Pure classes gain even greater benefits from summons! Epic casters can summon powerful unique epic summons

[edit] Our Summoning System

There are 4 different types of summons:

  • Druids and Rangers: Creatures of nature and the elements
  • Wizards, Sorcerers, and Bards: Mystical and magical creatures
  • Clerics: Holy people and beings
  • The wild and the dangerous: Foul people and horrid creatures

[edit] Summoned Creatures

There are now 12 grades of creatures instead of just 9. Clerics with Animal Domain have all summons raised one grade. Pure casters have all summons raised by up to three grades.

[edit] Druids and Rangers

For the friends of the nature.

  1. Woodland Friend Badger
  2. Woodland Friend Huge Crab
  3. Woodland Friend Elven Cooshee
  4. Woodland Friend Giant Ant
  5. Woodland Friend A Forest Keeper
  6. Woodland Friend Dire Bear
  7. Woodland Friend Dire Tiger
  8. Woodland Friend Sis'Ralar Hero
  9. Woodland Friend Sis'Ralar Ancient One
  10. Woodland Friend Forest Guardian
  11. Woodland Friend Treant
  12. Woodland Friend Sphinx

[edit] Wizards, Sorcerers, and Bards

Mystical and magical creatures

  1. Conjured Lesser Elemental
  2. Conjured Quasit
  3. Conjured Grey Shadow
  4. Conjured Golem
  5. Conjured Spirit
  6. Conjured Elemental
  7. Conjured Archon
  8. Conjured Xorn
  9. Conjured Umber Hulk
  10. Conjured Behemoth

[edit] Clerics: Holy people and beings

Switch your alignment to good or neutral for these.

  1. Hired Follower
  2. Hired Henchman
  3. Hired Footman
  4. Hired Crossbowman
  5. Hired Solder
  6. Hired Shieldman
  7. Hired Knight
  8. Hired High Orc Knight
  9. Hired Tauror Warrior
  10. Hired Ogre Mercenary

[edit] Clerics: Foul People and Horrid Creatures

Switch your alignment to evil for these.

  1. Necrospawn Lesser Servant
  2. Necrospawn Lesser Simulacrum
  3. Necrospawn Mephit
  4. Necrospawn Manu Bowman
  5. Necrospawn Gargoyle
  6. Necrospawn Swamp Terror
  7. Necrospawn Owlbear
  8. Necrospawn Dark Daemon
  9. Necrospawn Hin-Naga
  10. Necrospawn Daemon Fiend