Unique Familiars and Companions

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All Familiars and Companions will be enhanced in our world. We are focused on making these creatures:

  • More fun
  • Wider range of power

There are 20 levels for each type of creature. We will be enhancing these creatures to match their master more closely up to level 20!

Typically we will increase EVERY ABILITY on the creature for every 3 levels of the character up to level 20 (Max +6). This will result in higher AB, Damage, AC, HP, and Saves.

We will try to enhance the appearance of the creatures.

We will control the Feeding/Healing system to act as the Unique Summons system does.

We Will adjust major Skills by 1 for each level of the caster up to 20.

  • Familiar Hell Hound: Completed, (No Skin changes)
  • Animal Panther: Completed (Jaguar, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Black Panther, Lion, Tiger, Malar, White Tiger, Dire Tiger)
  • Familiar Panther: Completed (Jaguar, Leopard, Black Panther, Tiger, Malar, Clouded Leopard, Cray Tiger)
  • Familiar Bat: Completed (Bat, Small Stirge, Medium Stirge, Cave Stirge, Black Wyrmling, Gargoyle)