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The World of Mellus is vast and everchanging. It has great oceans, high mountains, immense deserts, thousands of pockets of rich lands the size of kingdoms, forests great and small, even floating islands and hidden underworlds.

Many strange lands and stranger creatures exist. Scores of races numbering in the thousands, each alike and yet different from the others.


[edit] Pre-Empire

Prior to the Katarious Empire and the discovery of The StormNexus, Mellus had many kingdoms, cities, forest homes, countries, states, regions, and more. Most were so remote from others that they lived their own lives in their own ways. Others traded, befriended, warred apon, enslaved, or even saved its neighbor nations.

Time in the pre-empire was measured by many ways and with meaning only to those who the events effected. Thus, it was measured by events, and names, and heroes...

[edit] The Shaking of the Gods

There came a time when Mellus had so many inhabitants that believed, worshipped and thus gave power to the one Divine being. But the discord among the many races as to its role was strong. Many prayed to the Warrior, others to Nature, and still others to a dozen different forms. The Divine One in a ray of light was ripped asunder and the thunder and lighting raged across half of Mellus! The Lord of Storms, Lord of Mellus, Lord of Light were born.

Since that time, as the devotion of the beings of Mellus change, the divine beings change to reflect this. So does their form, strength and even number, such that entirely new beings can form and others fade away.

[edit] The Grey Mouth Shuts

A seemingly eternal volcano of epic proportions pours forth fire and brimstone for the last time. Its intense heat, smoke and ash have left a wasteland of hundred of miles, which will someday grow bountiful in the far distance future and a different color red will cover its surface.

[edit] The Day of the Emerald Waters

The Nation of Seekers was founded on Nature and a brotherhood of all who cared for it. The principle race, the Simily welcomed and trained all manor of beings and made the nation a powerful one, as large as any on Mellus at the time.

The Katarious Spiders were an intelligent and hateful race and often raided any who allied with the Seekers. But they fought among themselves and used the lesser spider races only as sport and prey.

Brand the Slash was a Katarious of the wicked and powerful sort. He hunted and killed for months at a time with his ruthless band. Although the details are lost, it was he who found and captured the first Sorcerer Gaint, Rombar of the Sailing Fire.

With the help and instruction of the cunning Rombar, Brand began gathering and using the lessor spider races. With them, he slowly killed, bought, or chased off most of the other true Katarious spiders.

It was with this combined force that he changed Mellus. A swift and deadly campaign rampaged through the Nation of Seekers, and the rivers ran emerald green with the blood of the Simily.

[edit] The First Day

Hobar Stonefist leads his dwarven people into the massive lave caves of Mal Grey Mountains. A new kingdom is built with King Stonefist I as its leader.

[edit] Battle of Blackened Ridge

Supported by the Illiadian Giants Sorcery, the first Legion of Katarious warriors engage an army of Elves who are defending their hilltop settlements. Between the new battle tactics and Illiadian magic, the Elves of GreenHaven are quickly defeated and their central settlement is destroyed. Instead of slaughtering the losers, the Illiadians suggest a new course of action to the commanding Katarious. The surviving Elves are permitted to live, but must serve the Katarious victors. This becomes the Katarious tactic hereonafter.

[edit] Battle of Quarmlorque

A bloody two-day battle between different factions within the Katarious aristocracy. This ends feud between different dominant families in the Katarious. Leader of the victorious family is declared King.

[edit] The Age of the Web

This marks the day when Katarious King Relar (slayer of Rombar) found the Nexus and set his Illiandian Giant to solve its mystery. When the web of the Spider people began to spread across the world like a plaque.

Illiadians are hunted and captured. Illiadian tutors teach advanced battle tactics to Katarious warriors of the royal families. These tactics prove useful in defeating political Katarious opponents as well as other races

[edit] The Empire

0001 The Day of Everlasting Glory: Much can be said about the expansion of the Katarious Armies across Mellus. But it was not long before all beings fell under their razor claws.

0105 Imperial Currency: Using Gnarlroot – rare substance which when properly treated produced a narcotic effect for Katarious when burned like incense. Gnarlroot plates became a standard form of tribute by those subjugated areas that were able to grow these rare trees. Also a result of the value of the Gnarlroot, it became a form of currency amongst the subjugated peoples.

A special group of Druids tended the natural lands around the Gnarlroot groves. This group consisted mostly of Treant, Keepers, Sis'Ralar, Tall and Oaken Elves. The Empire's troops took a heavy toll on the community when subjugating the sect. A battle was fought and only the lowest members of the order survived. All of these were scattered about the empire, but the Tall Elves remained as slaves to tend the Groves on behalf of the Emperor.

1150 Battle of the Noble Families:

1432 Law of Strength: The Emperor rules that the royal and noble family (houses) may fight among themselves provided the Emperor and his family gain one quarter of all the spoils.

1644 The Decree of Loyalty: Every major noble and royal Katarious family must declare unconditional allegiance to the crown and supply military support to the Emperor when required or their rights are forfeit. This allows the Emperor to release most of his army and only maintain elite fighting groups.

2311 The Poison: Each of the royal houses had at this time, a Illiadian advisor. These devious creatures had been encouraging the fighting among the families and the weakening of the armies for a few hundred years. In this year, the Illiadians met and together planned the downfall of the Empire. A plan to weaken the Katarious race as well as key military units that might pose a threat to the Illiadians.

2391: A wounded Illiadian is found in the High Orcs wild lands of Aradia. The Orc chieftain takes him in and has his wounds tended. The Illiadian spends weeks with the High Orcs watching them.

2394: As the greater houses weakened, the Daemon group received tactical information (from the Illiadians) and offered to switch masters from the emperor to one of the lower royal families. The Emperor ordered the weakened royal houses to punish the Daemons, but was refused as the greater houses had grown too weak.

2501: Deserting their master's the Illiadians moved to the lessor royal and greater noble families and encouraged them to 'take the positions and lives' of the dominant families.

2522: The Illiadians are seen often 'training' the High Orc and Brute Orc commanders of the lessor houses. Yet, in secret, they spread word of an augury that foretells the fall of the Katarious Empire. The Orcs commanders believe and prepare. Over the next decades the Illiadians do much to encourage this belief until it become legend

2552: With the Emperor losing control and many Katarous Houses feeding on each other, the infighting begins in earnest. Wars happen continuously.

[edit] Age of the Rebellion

2603: Powerful special forces groups began betraying the Katarious Lords after new lands had been taken and set themselves up as local rulers.

2608: As the rebellion was gaining momentum, many Katarious soldiers joined various rebel factions. The 1st Rangers of the Katarious Legion IV, commanded by the Katarious Colonel Slaag, was sent to put down a small uprising in a remote part of the Empire.

After a meeting of senior staff the Captains were dismissed and began a well planned assassination upon their commander and trusted aids. As the Orc commanders exited the tent, the Archer Companies let loose arrow after flaming arrow into the tent with the Katarious commanders while the infantry waited to butcher any survivors.

This force was important as it consisted of 2 Elven Archer, 1 High Orc scout, 1 Oaken scout and 2 light Low Orc infantry companies. The Elven and Oaken soldiers were among the very few elves to obtain freedom in the rebellion!

The Orc captains left the Elven warriors at the site and headed west to join a larger uprising. The Elven troops wanders briefly but soon found an immense dense forest where they established a community unto itself and attempted to stay out of the conflict. This was the Circital forest, already inhabited by an Oaken enclave that has been abandoned by the Katarious. The two Elven races began trading with the Oaken providing for food while the solders lent much needed military support.

2615: With the success of new rebellions more non-Katarious states arose. Yet it was this change the almost destroyed the rebellion. The Katarious Lords realized what was happening and began to band together. Their first target was the Daemons who had so betrayed them. Many of Daemons' floating keeps were destroyed. Their slaves and soldiers are Human. The few surviving humans fled, as the Katarious Lords took their revenge.

2615 Fifth Dwarvish War: Ogmar, A powerful Brute Orc warlord discovers information about the Mel-Grey Kingdom and sets his troops to conquer the lands. King Stonefist (III) the Treacherous lives up to his name and Ogmar's army is defeated. But word spreads among the Orcs of the riches of this race.

2623: With the Katarious Lords on the rise again and the Illiadian hidden away plotting against them the rebellion begins to crumble. Yet Heroes and powerful leaders begin to emerge from the lesser races. The Tauror under their new king claim a vast and wealthy set of islands. A High Orc Lord gathers together a troop of loyal and skilled adventurers and claims large tracks of farmland and forest. A Cyclops Bard travels about bringing much needed add and information to many of the new lands.

2705: At this time the elven races of warriors who are used as shock troops are nearly exhausted. In almost every case they have born the worst of each battle. The race was mostly servant-slaves now.

2813: In a sinister plot, the Katarious Lords offer large concessions to the Carror, a group of Northern Giants and their servants to attack an Illiadian and his Marchane allies/servants. The battle nearly destroys both groups but the Illiadian is slain the the Marchane must flee their lands.

2814: A bold attempt by the High Orc Lord's army, a large number of human troops, and some other allies associated with the Cyclops Bard (Sis'Ralar) attempt to gain control of the nexus and destroy the Katarious Lords most valuable tool in the wars. The Katarious Lords discover the plot and set a terrible ambush. In the end, it was the Elven servants who rebel and seek to warn the alliance, many are destroyed, but some few escape and the alliance is victorious. Few are ever told of the great sacrifice of the Elves. The StormNexus is freed from the Katarious, but no one group is strong enough to hold it. The Sis'Ralar befriend many humans and elves. Some learn the ways of nature.

2826: Massacre of Folladen Fields – While in pursuit of the a Katarious Legion, elements of the Northern Orcish Army sweep through an Elvish community where several Katarious squads are hiding. The Orcs are brutal in their attempt to kill all Katarious and slaughter many of the Elves who get in the way. The very few remaining Elvish survivors realize they will never be able to defend themselves and depart the area and head away from the blood-soaked lands. They travel far and found the Darkbranches. Never again will they be slaves and never again will they trust another race to protect Elvish lives

2839: Capture of the Katarious Armory at Sar Kalist. A sneak assault by Low Orcs and a few humans captures the armory at Sar Kalist. Every Katarious is killed to prevent warning or giving of evidence. The bodies of five dead Dwarves are left behind to mislead the Katarious. Near Sar Kalist are the sacred groves of the Empire. During the rebellion many of the Gnarlwood groves were destroyed as an act of defiance by Low Orcish war bands. However despite this destructive pique, Gnarlwood plates remain the only form of recognized currency in the lands of Mellus out of centuries of habit

2841: Sixth Dwarvish War – In response to the annihilation of the Sar Kalist garrison, the Katarious Emperor orders another war on the Dwarves of the Ral-Grey Mountains. After a few initial victories over unsuspecting Dwarvish outposts, the Dwarves under King StoneMark I are fully prepared and begin to drive back the Katarious Legions, but they are surprised by the Carror and the Ral-Grey Dwarves disappear from the world of Mellus

2866: Dwarvish Mel-Grey Army (King Hammerfist II) takes the field and hits a combined force of Katarious Lord's Legions from behind as they were fighting Central High Orcish Army. Both Katarious legions are wiped out. The High Orc Commander and the Dwarven Clan chiefs swear blood-bonds.

[edit] The Fall of the Emperor

2866: Sack of Sar Scath by Central Orcish Army and Dwarvish Army of The Hammerfist. Last official recognized Emperor of the Katarious is killed in battle for the Imperial palace. This marks the fall of the Empire.

2869: Pasha Mustaf (Illiadian) and his Firedwellers (salamander warriors) capture the StormNexus and hold it. They collect a heavy tax from all who use it. The City burns brightly for its new salamander inhabitants.

2878: The siege of Sar Taerk. While en route home, the Dwarvish Army of Evnard “The Ironhelm II” encounters a Daemon garrison built into the EverFire Mountains. The army besieges the stronghold and the weakened Daemon army is defeated after only four months – the winning stroke being several tunnels delved into the Katarious stronghold and several midnight raids that inflicted massive casualties before the Dwarves retreated back through the tunnels that were too small for Daemon to pursue. After the execution of the last Daemon and their minions, the Dwarves discovered a massive labyrinth in the mountains leading to a hidden valley behind. In the caverns and the valley were hundreds of Human slaves. Not knowing what else to do with them, Hammerfist pronounced them free. Some Humans rejoiced and fled the area to lands far away, but most had no idea what to do with their freedom. The Dwarven kingdom of Cal Ray is formed.

2891: Attempt by member of Katarious Royal family to re-establish Imperial Control with two Legions that had been in hiding. After defeating ad hoc army of Orcs and Sis'Ralar, the Legions move on Sar Scath. En route they pass a settlement of Elves, who the begin to enslave. Some escape and flee to the nearby Mal-Grey mountains to seek aid from the Dwarves. They lead the Katarious Legions to the passages into the Mal-Grey and a great battle is fought. King Hammerfist II is slain, but the Legion is held off and the great way is shut.

2892: After the death of the king and heavy losses the Dwarves of the Mal-Grey begin losing ground to the Brute Orcs. Their forces are being depleted with each passing year and the Brutes seem to become better organized, equipped and trained.

2894 Battle of the Rings: The Imperial Legions moving on Sar Scath are stopped at the Willow Grove Crossing. Separate ‘armies’ of Humans, High Orcs, Low Orcs, and a dark group of Dwarves arrive to engage the Katarious, even a small token group of Elves is present. The dysfunctional ‘allies’ form a series of rings around the Legions and slowly keep attacking and falling back and attacking until the Legions are driven back into themselves and destroyed. After the difficult battles a heated argument breaks out between the Low Orc commander and the dark Dwarves. It leads to bloodshed. Each group is slowly drawn into the conflict. The massive Low Orc army attacks all the groups and there are heavy losses on all sides.

2901 Declaration of the Circital: Hidden from the worst ravages of the Katarious Empire, an underground Elven community continued to thrive and develop - but was subject to many and bloody internal feuds over the direction of the development and degree of secrecy. Following the Battle of the Rings, there was a growing movement within this community to come out into the open and seize the friendship that the new racial relations presented. Most of the other races still will not accept Elves, but their growing numbers force many Elves to venture into other lands. After many years, the decision was finally made to partially come into the open and the Elvish community within the Circital Forest was made known. Still xenophobic, the Elves of Circital are trying.

2903 Founding of the Duskenwood: Taking the optimism of the Circital as their guide, various dispossessed Elves, Half-Elves and Oaken found a community in the dangerous lands of the Mirkwood. Declared an open community, the Duskenwood is open for all who are willing to open a few basic laws and can survive in the very deadly woods that the community was established to exploit. Great riches await in the Duskenwood forest - if one can survive long enough to harvest the bounty. Less than one in three expeditions ever return intact

2906 The Philarey War: Near the border of the Duskenwood forest an arachnid colony was discovered and kept secret for the profit of collecting the rare and very valuable Philarey Silk. However after a few years of considerable profit, one of the Half-Elven 'collectors' was injured in a barroom brawl. To save himself from further injury he revealed the location of the colony... and mentioned that there might be a crippled Katarious warrior alive and hiding in the colony. Most thought his tale as drunken hornswill - except for three Orc wanderers, former soldiers and out of work - one of whom who had been crippled in the fighting against the Katarious at the Battle of the Rings. They followed the collector and took him prisoner - they forced him to reveal the colony location by various forms of torture once he sobered up. The trio collected more Orcs and found the colony. For two days they hewed into the colony, killing arachnids and burning out the colony - however the smoke was seen by an Elven collector on a scouting mission. He returned to Duskenwood and gave the alarm. A well armed band of Elves went to stop the Orcs from destroying the colony, but by then the Orcs had suffered several losses to enraged arachnids and were in no mood to call off the destruction. Words led to actions and fighting. The Elves were unprepared for the Orcs fierceness and fled back to Duskenwood with the most of the Orcs in pursuit. However once back in town and in the open, the Orcs were quickly cut down. Those that escaped however went back to get help. For four months an informal Orc army besieged the settlement of Duskenwood. But eventually calmer heads prevailed, as well as the constant loss of life from the flora and fauna of Duskenwood itself that the Orcs were not prepared for. Duskenwood is still an open town, but Orcs are not very welcomed

2909 The Scourge of the Dwarvish Mace: A Dwarvish warlord who appeared in the lands to the north of the ruins of Sar Scath. Exiled for an excessive blood lust, this warlord is called the Dwarvish Mace and gathered a hard-core and powerful group of Dwarvish malcontents in the area around Sar Scath. Convinced that the riches of the Katarious Emperors was never truly found, the Dwarvish Mace and his revers routinely raid the lands around the Sar Scath to feed themselves while they search for hidden plunder

2911 Founding of the Keeps: A loose confederation of High Orc warriors in the Shield Lands is established for mutual protection after a year that saw severe devastation by both an elvish attack from west and an Undead attack from the east. Each Keep is manned to protect the Shield Lands from various foes.

2914: Attacks from the eastern Undead mysteriously end

2915: The Undead in Sparrowvale are those who were killed in a raid by the Vespasians when the insect creatures were first encountered only a few years ago (year 2914). An obvious ancient race, the Vespasians remained unknown however until explorers from Sparrowvale penetrated into their caves to investigate what they could find. Encounters with the Vespasians have always been hostile and violent. Those killed in the initial and very brutal attacks and who were buried in the Sparrowvale crypts and graveyard became Kashtilum and haunt those areas still.

[edit] Recent Times

2929: The rebuilt Sar Scath is destroyed when the Katarious attack the StormNexus. The defenders are able to push the Katarious back while the Caldwell Merchants move the Nexus Slaves to the village of Darkhaven, which quickly grows into a large city. Par'Patal is the greatest of the realms, having expanded to control vast areas including the Shield Lands, however this has lead to some concern by the Sis'Ralar.

2930: Par'Patal, Mal-Grey and Sis'Ralar meet to discuss a treaty. The treaty talks cease when the Sis'Ralar and Par'Patal are unable to come to a compromise over Bloodstone. The High Orcs feel they are best able to control that region while the Sis'Ralar are concerned that the High Orcs lust for land will drive them closer to Sis'Ralar territory.

2939: Darkhaven is attacked and partially destroyed by Trolls. The Old Merchant Quarter is abandoned and all merchants move into the Mayors Office building. This same year the Dark Mace is found to be a Daemon and destroyed. The Blackhelms begin to return to Ral Grey.

2938: A group of humans known as "Libertas" joins the Par'Patal, abandoning their home among the Sis. The move was initiated due to friendships among the leaders of Libertas and the Par'Patal. However, the fallout is immediate. The Sis are angered at the loss. There is some concern that The Par'Patal is trying to gain and consolidate power over the other realms and this is part of that plan. This is further intensified in the next few months when Ptolomy (the Orc king) begins militarizing the shield lands.

2940: The Shield Lands declare themselves independent of Par'Patal creating turmoil in Par'Patal. King Ptolemy send troops into Bloodstone to secure his claim and post troops along the outskirts of the Shield Lands.

2943: Dark Cloud, the daemon flying city finally runs out of fuel and crashes into the lands of the dead. The impact reshapes the lands of Mellus, altering the landscape forever, revealing new species and new opportunities. Helon and Horus ally and form the Dark Alliance.

2946: After years of political conflict, the alliance of elves, Sis, human, and MalGrey dwarves split. The dwarves join a new alliance with the Espardian humans (the Free Alliance) and the Sis stay with their long time friends, the elves of Eringalen, to form an alliance (Sylvan Allaince). Bad blood continues between the two groups of former allies, at times breaking into open warfare.

2947: After extensive work and miltary efforts, the outlying areas of Darkhaven are again opened to the public. A college of magic opens, and a prison is established on the outskirts of town.

2948: A new race calling themselves the Wyrrem makes itself known. They apparently have an ageless conflict with the Illiadian giants of Mellus. These two races are fighting again after eons of peace. The lesser races of Mellus are faced with a tough decision of aiding one of the sides, or trying to not become involved.

2948: Children begin to be missing from Darkhaven. Nobody knows where they've gone.

2948:A woman appears in white calling herself "Necal". She seems to truely be the Godess. She appears from time to time and cuases much distress among the peoples.

2948: Shortly after the departure of the Princes of Helon, a split occurs within the ranks of the Dark Alliance. The Mas Lil (Khastilum) are expelled from the alliance, and Helon adopts a more neutral stance towards the deamons rather than an outright alliance. Rumors of possible new alliances run rampant.

2949: The ancient Wyrrem fully awaken and take to the skies. The war goes into full swing. Illiadians promoting control/order and technology, and Wyrrems promoting chaos and survival of the fittest.

2949:The forces of Helon, long standing alone, join with the Free Alliance. While rocky at first, the common goal of preserving life allows for an eventual understanding and trust to develop. Forces are at work to break the new alliance from the very start.

2950:Rumors begin be heard throughout Darkhaven. A mysterious "Man in Black" has information of strange deamonic artifacts. Eventually it is discovered that this artifact is in three pieces. And over the next year, three seperate realms manage to recover a piece. Fighting between realms begins to be more common due in part to the desire to control all these pieces.

2950:Helon splits from the Free alliance. Internal misunderstandings, and external pressure drives a wedge in the relationship causing the breakup. Espardius and Mal Grey, with a loose alliance with the Forsaken clan, stand togather. Helon stands alone. But still, a new degree of understanding and trust was formed before the breakup. The impact of this understanding is uncertain.

2951:Massive earthquakes shake Mellus. Rumors as to the cause include everything from magma worms burrowing to a clash of gods. The truth doesn't matter much to the common folk however. The effects are all the matter to those living upon Mellus. Large fissures open, lava flows. Vast tracts of land are destroyed, and the loss of life is great. Formerly plush areas become uninhabital.

Even organized realms suffer. The Forsaken clan's caves collaspe. At the same time Fire Crag giants, driven out of the mountains by lava, claim the land as thier own. This further drives the Forsaken out. They eventually end up seeking shelter among the Espardians.

The undermountain orcs finally manage to dig up and overun the Mal Grey dwarves. The quakes make the land loose, enabling the orcs to move quickly and attack several places at once. A brave final push by the realm champ gives the survivors time to move the young, aged, and infirmed to safety at Phoenix keep.

The quakes cause a massive slide in Helon daming up Bal Sagoth. The River emerges near the Espardian lands, and the forces of Helon move to secure the area. Ultimately, this results in the new Free Alliance lands to be physically closer to Helon. The ties between Helon and the Free are reformed. Helon stands again with the Free peoples.

During one large quake, the Marchane use newly formed tunnels to burrow up into Manticore and attack her from several directions at once. A despirate battle is fought. The women and children, as well as survivors of the Forsaken clan, are being protected behind the walls of Phoenix keep. It become clear that to stop the Marchane and save Phoenix, Manticore must be destroyed to collaspe the tunnels the Marchane are using. A mixed force of Free Alliance heros battle to the walls, and then set charges off with powerful magic. The result destroys Manticore, but stops the Marchane.

The Free Alliance rebuilds defensive works. The combined troops of the Free defend the lands.

During one quake, a small army of Illiadians become cut off from the remainder of their army. The only way back to friendly forces is through the Tauror lands. As the Wyrrem seem to be withdrawn during the quakes, this cut-off force is ordered to over run and destroy the Tauror during their march to rejoin their main force. This is done in retaliation for the NA frequently opposing the Illiadians. The Illiadians succeed in leveling the Tauror homelands. Though they fight bravely, it is in vain. The howls of the Tauror are heard throughout the night of fighting. The few surviving Tauror seek shelter in the halls of the Ral Grey.

During this time of turnover, the Sis druidic council realizes the time is ripe for the return of An'Thru. So they depart their temporary home and travel to the location of the sunken city. A force of elves and Sis simultaneously attack the Horus realm to provide a distraction and keep the Sis caravan safe from harrassment during the move. The attack fails to peirce the Horus defenses, but succeeds in tying down the would-be attackers from harming the exposed Sis. However, during the ritual to raise An'Thru, the druidic council is thwarted by unknown forces and An'Thru fails to return. The Sis decide to remain and protect this sacred site from any harm until such time as An'Thru can return.

2952:A mysterious gorup known as "Mog" begin searching for the reputed "deamon artifact". They seem to work for somebody, or something called "the Ibari". Little is known of Mog or the Ibari. However, Mog appears very powerful, and focused on it's task. Mog appears in many styles, from mages to warriors. Eventually, Mog attacks many realms to recover the 3 deamon artifact pieces. Just as the mysterious "Man in Black" had warned, Mog attempts to restore the 3 pieces into one functioning form. During the ritual, a Katar lord showed up, warned the crowds, and then attacked Mog. With the help of many hero's, Mog was defeated, but the deamon artifact shattered and disappeared. Now the realms again search for the pieces. The device is said to be so powerful that anyone who controls it, holds the fate of Mellus.

2953:After several obscure sightings, a new god became know to Mellus. "Thanatos" let it be know that he is the doorway to death, the one who decides when death will come to all living things. The secret of the end of days for every creature is known to him alone. And he waits for all.

After much effort, the Par 'Patal manage to establish an outpost in Sparrowvale. Though still not able to travel the lands as well as they once did, it was clear that Sparrowvale had become lawless, and needed protection. The location allows for limited stockpiles for the Patal, and allows them the ability to maintain a skeleton presence. Not enough for active patrolling of the Shield lands, but enough to control the Vale. A jail was established in a secure location for locking up any who violate the laws of the Vale.

[edit] The rise of the Maker, and the New Council

2954:Mellus continues to be dangerous. The Illiadians and Wyrrems battles continue, though thankfully they rarely fall close to realm lands or the shieldlands. Mog has been less active for some reason following it's failed attempt to control the "deamonic device". However, new threats emerged.

The "Maker" began sending out it's forces. Nobody knows who, or what, the Maker is. At first the Maker sent it's "eye" to speak to the realms, question them, and advise them of future events. Slowly it began to narrow down it's activities to speaking about "agents" within each realm, and the fact that each realm has choices, but the Maker already knows what they will choose. Eventually the Maker began "testing" the realms in series of short, violent conflicts centered around the keeps. In each case it sent mechanical armies of various sizes and compositions to gage the capacity of the realms.

Ultimately the Eye of the Maker gave the some realms ultimatums. It wanted certain things. When those things were not given, it sent vast mechanical armies into the realms in question. After the attacks, the realms were left wondering how to defeat the Maker, and why it wanted the items.

2955:The Maker continues to be mysterious and active. It began to acquire various items for each realm. In some cases by exchange, or failing that, it attacked with it's machines. Then the Maker began to interact with other groups. First the Illiadians. It wanted ore from them, and wished to arrange some form of trade. The Illiadians held a "trial" to give the lesser races of Mellus a chance to voice their thoughts. Initially, the races convinced the Illiadians to refuse the Maker, but a second trial saw the Maker thwart the realms and achieve it's goal of trade with the giants.

It was learned that the Maker is planning on building some device intent on some form of transport. To what end, nobody knows what this device will do, or if the Maker can succeed. Still, most realms are very concerned about the Makers' actions and plans; all except the FA who managed to find a way to work with the Maker. The FA went so far as to defend the Maker in the Illiadians trials. What kind of political fallout shall come from this is unknown.

The deamon artifacts were finally all obtained bt the FA. Rumor has it is was due in part to the exchange they made with the Maker. The FA managed to assemble the peices and then tried to make the machine work. The hope was it would function as predicted: to be able to "alter reality". However, Mog forces arrived and interfered. Several realms began to combat Mog and in the fighting, the devices was destroyed. The pieces shattered. This caught all present by surprise. The pieces were supposed to be unbreakable. Questions began being asked by all the former combatants. Mog wanted to know what happened. How the device could break.

Eventually, all present decided it had been a giant hoax. The machine was fake. Mog left, seemingly very dejected. The realms were left asking themselves "why". Why was such an elaborate plan put into place? Who could gain from such a thing? The questions remain.

2956:The Maker continued to be active. Many realms were attacked, and none could stop the assualts. In time, a mage from Darkhaven stepped forward offering aid. This mage, Kloen, had been watching and trying to learn more about the Maker. He had done extensive research, and hired adventurers to bring back key infromation for him. We he was ready, he approached the key members of the various realms. His suggestion and plan was shocking to all...

"We must work together."

Realms that normally harbored nothing but ill-will could not embrace such a plan. Thus, the Maker continued to dominate and remainded unstoppable. However, there was enough interest in Kloens research and plans that some heros of various realms did begin to help Kleon, if for no other reason than to try to find a way to stop the Maker. Eventually, some of the realms settled into uneasy truces, and even agreed to share some information about the Maker with each other, and Kloen.

Then, a breakthrough. During one of the excursions with Kloen, the heros found an ancient portal of some sort. Once it was activated, it was found to be a recorder of some type. But one which had a limited ability to interact. Questions were asked, and it was discovered that eons ago, the races of Mellus had a "council". This council comprised many races such as elves, dwarves, Katar, Illiadians, Wyrrem, etc. Each had the ability to speak, and sway members to choices the council considered. The Maker was a tool of the council. It was used to provide "muscle" when needed and ensure all races stayed in line.

However, eventually treachery prevailed. Many races, for reasons unknown, gave too much power to the Katar, which resulted in the eventual Katar control. This is the part of history most races are aware.

Once this council was discovered, the races began to bond themselves into a similair council to deal with the threat of the Maker. With Kloen's help, other races joined. Eventually, all major realms of Mellus were present, and even races such as the Marchane, Illiadians, Katar, and Wyrrem all sat on this new council. Agreements were estbalished offering mutual aid in the event of Maker attacks upon member races. And talks began to focus on how to defeat the Maker with these combined forces.

When the time was right, the council forces struck the Maker in several key battles. Places like Spearpoint, Khastilum desert, and the like saw furious battles with large numbers of races present. And, much to the relief of all, the Maker was delt it's first defeats.

At the same time, the Marchane had been working on ways to disable, or weaken the Maker's golems. And they had found some limited success. These too were used against the Maker, bringing defeat to even it's most powerful golems.

Then, quite suddenly, after a string of defeats, the Makers forces became inactive. Nothing has been seen of them for almost six months. With the threat gone, old hatreds among the council races returned. And the fragile alliance crumbled. The council is now a mere shadow. Time will tell whether it shall be needed again. And what has happened to the Maker?

During this time, the Shadows also remained active, though to a much lesser degree. The Gods Yer'an, and Na'agi still seem to be locked in some struggle that spills over to Mellus. Shadow forces battle, sometimes involving realms.

The latest victim was the Northern Alliance. A massive force of Shadows attacked the North, and while many races and realms responded to see what was happening, and even fight, the battle was lost. In a desperate move, the Tauror General "Seven" sent everyone out of Snowborne, then rallied her remaining forces for a final attempt to close the gates and keep the Shadows out. She was not seen again.

Now, the town village of Snowborne is abandoned. And all the former lands to the North, the Tauror and Ral Grey homes, are sealed. No one can veture past the final gate. Somehow, in that final stand, Seven and her forces managed to seal in the Shadows, but the North is no more. What lays beyond, within the realm, is unknown.

2957 Present Day: (as of 6/10 real life date)