The World of Mellus

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The scars of the old world still show upon the Lands. They serve as a reminder of the time when the Spider Races of the Katarious, ruled the world through the help of Illiadian Giant technology, The StormNexus. The Nexus in the hands of the Katarious was a powerful tool that allowed them to quickly get from one place to another. With an army of enslaved Elves, they were able to maintain their dominance over the lands. But their reign would not last forever.

War broke out and in the end, the Katarious were defeated, leaving the now free races to establish their place in the world. The lands were divided up amongst the Races and new cities were built. But the one thing that remained was the hatred that existed between them. Some of the old Races helped those recently freed and friendships were established and eventually Alliances made. The lands are now divided into four distinct populations:

The realm of Horus: made up of Daemons. The Northern Alliance, whose Ral-Grey Dwarves and warlike Tauror take what they need to survive from whomever is in their way. The Free Alliance, who help those races that were enslaved, and ensure their protection from those that wish them harm, comprised of Humans, Mal Grey Dwarves, the Vishlum of Helon and the outcasts of The Forsaken. Finally the Sylvan Alliance, who are made up of the Elves and Sis'Ralar.

Together, all the Realms form the ever-changing world of Mellus.