The Maker

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[edit] The Maker: General view

Very little is known about the mysterious Maker, so little that it's almost impossible to tell what is rumor, what is fact, what is true and what is a lie.

This self proclaimed god has touched almost every race in Mellus using his mechanical servants known as the Machine Army, while still remaining unseen. And while some races are more welcoming to the machines then others, there are no known allies to this mysterious god of machines.

[edit] The Maker: Goals

While many believe his goals are far sinister, the machines claim the goal of their god is a better future through technology. Currently however, the machines claim to build a cross-planetary rift generator that will be used to expend the reach of the Maker into other planets. It is this goal that has driven the machines to make their presence known, barter, demand, and fight for the resources held by those planets. Those who faced the third way harbor hostility to the Maker and his machines and hope to thwart the Maker's effort to expend.