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We aren't really fond of rules here, but to make the game experience safe and equal for everyone, we've had to make a few. Most are based on common courtesy and designed to be intuitive. A quality player will rarely need to refer to this page more than once, if at all.

Hacking and Exploits

  • Hacking characters or exploiting bugs are "ban for life" offenses. If you find something that might be an exploitable bug, contact the team privately. Exploits should never be reported to the public.

Role Play

  • Players should remain in character at all times. Please keep OOC chatter to a minimum. If you must go OOC, please use tells.
  • Metagaming - players using knowledge that their character would not reasonably have (such as mechanical knowledge of character statistics) - is generally poor spirit and may be punished. For example, the following will get you in trouble:
    • Speaking while you are dead
    • Switching to a stronger character to punish enemies of a weaker character ("big brothering")

"Adult" Roleplaying

  • Important Notice: StormNexus is now set to a game-play rating of Mature Audience (MA). Be advised, Adult Themed (Sexually Explicit) Roleplay must always remain in private and do refrain yourself from dropping -any- 'F-bombs'. Please and Thank you!

Character Class Restrictions

Skills, Feats, and Items

  • Pick Pocket: Pick pocketing other players is banned. Feel free to pick pocket NPCs.
  • Devastating Critical is banned.
  • Haste: Monks cannot wear Haste items from level 3 and up; without using the epic monk robe at level 33. The monk robe will grant you four minutes of haste. Monks get Haste at level 1 and level 2, for build diversity.

Player versus Player

  • Mellus is a violent world. Expect to find PVP all throughout the world. The only "safe" places are the Nexus and the Mountain Top.
  • You must roleplay all PvP encounters. "my char is a silent psycho murderer" is not sufficient. Neither is "my char is the holy guardian of justice".
  • Except during Keep and Realm warfare, one clear, roleplayed warnings must be given before engaging in PvP - even for traps, ambushes, and assassinations. Just a quick "time to die" will not suffice; enough time must be given to allow the other person to respond or leave. When a person does choose to leave, you must respect their choice.
  • Typing attacks, such as "*slaps you*" are considered PvP - don't type them if you don't want a violent response.
  • Take it easy on Effortless characters. Always show them extra tolerance and take care to avoid making them feel bullied. Low levels are not immune to you - they are simply to be given more leeway than normal.

Realm and Keep Warfare

  • During keep and realm warfare one warning from the attacker is sufficient. Once the battle has begun defenders need not warn at all. Attacking the Realm Gate or Keep Gate forfeits the warning, no warning is needed at that point. Lands surrounding Realms and Keeps are extremely dangerous lands. You enter them at your own risk. Take extreme caution when passing through these lands.
  • Realms and Shouters: Players must be given the opportunity to defend their Realm. If you attack a Realm, you must kill it's shouter (Most Realm Gates shout upon being destroyed). If the shouter is not present, you must make a shout yourself.

PvP and Transitions

  • Falling back in order to rest and/or regroup is fine.
  • Ambushing on a transition can be poor spirit and may be punished.
  • Rapidly hopping back and forth through a transition is against the rules and will be punished.
  • Baiting NPCs through a transition is OK as long as you are not rapidly hopping back and forth.

PvP and Character Death

When you die you can:

  • Wait to be raised by allies: If you are raised by allies, you may continue fighting.
  • Allow enemies to raise you: Enemies must get your permission to raise you. If you allow them, you are under their control and must comply with their orders. If you are raised without permission, you may treat it as if you had been raised by an ally.
  • Respawn: respawning means you have suffered a grave wound, and barely escaped death.
  • Minute Rule: (PVP means player vs player. This rule does not apply to PVM, player vs monster.)

1. General PVP - Once you respawn the battle is over.

2. Keep PVP - Once you respawn you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the battle.

3. Realm PVP - Once you respawn you must wait 30 minutes before returning to the battle.

Traps and PvP

  • Never leave your traps alone.
  • Always collect your traps when you're leaving the area.
  • It's your responsibility to make sure that the another PC receives the required 1 warning before running to your traps.
  • These rules don't apply to realms and keep warfare. When the enemy comes inside your keep or realm, he's effectively been warned and should be prepared for anything. If he runs to a bunch of traps, it's his problem.

Forum Rules

Malice and Abuse

To maintain a fun and fair environment for all, we take actions to prevent acts of malice, and abuse. We stop things like:

  • Gaining XP without contributing
  • Harassment
  • Revealing DM identities
  • Hacking, or even threatening to hack
  • Repeatedly killing and raising the same character
  • Threats of violence against other players, or the admins
  • Foul or offensive language and subject-matter

Most are "ban for life without warning" offenses. If you’re not sure about something, or are just feeling weird, ask a DM, or ask on the forum. If you witness any of these, take a screenshot, and tell a DM.

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