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StormNexus is a "play what you see" server. What we mean by that is, in character, there is no such thing as Class. There is no such thing as Alignment. There is no such thing as game mechanics at all. There is only your character's ordinary perception, which is, to some extent, defined by the norms of the world he or she inhabits. We believe this is the essence of good roleplaying.

For example, in Mellus, there are no humanoids with wings other than Daemons - therefore, if you see wings on a character, that character is a Daemon. Yet this swings both ways: Upon creation, players can choose skins for their character - many of which obscure the wings of the Red Dragon Disciple class. Characters with those skins, then, are not Daemons. The same is true for Undead: Characters with Palemaster levels are not undead if they've chosen a skin that perfectly obscures the signs of undeath. In just the same way, a character may have both Paladin and Assassin levels - is he a saint or a sinner? Maybe neither, because the his classes have no bearing on the question.

In other words, on Mellus, in character, Race, Class, and Alignment game mechanics are ignored, which grants everyone the opportunity to try many more class combinations allowed on most servers.

Some call this "Powergaming", but we call it Freedom, and it's what this server is about.