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Each Ascension gives you 10 points.

(e.g. Your 4th Ascension gives 40 points)

Your points can be allocated (spent) how you like.

No Approval Required (some of these also cost 4 points)
Skins (Normal Race Skin) 00 points
Skins (Man-size and shape) 00 points
Skins (Man-size and different shape) 00 points

Approval Required
Skins (Larg size) 06 points
Skins (Large size and different shape) 06 points
Skins (Huge size) 10 points

Abilities, Feats, and Skills
Ability Points
+1 to +4 points +5 to +8 points
04 points each08 points each
First and SecondThird and FourthFifth and Sixth
04 points each06 points each08 points each
Skill points (maximum 10)
02 points each

[edit] Example

For your 5th ascension you would have 50 points to spend. If you want to add +8 to STR, you sum up 16 points from +1 to +4 and 32 points from +5 to +8 what gives the total of 48 points, and it leaves you 2 points left for something else.

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