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An ascension is the process of your epic character moving on in one form or another to become more powerful. It lets you begin your character anew with extra points allowing you to increase starting abilities, gain extra feats and skills, or even choose special skins!


[edit] Examples of Ascensions

[edit] Inheritance

When a powerful adventurer hangs up his cloak and trains a follower to continue down the path. The follower begins his adventure better prepared for the world due to his unique training. Followers can be offspring, apprentices, and so on.

[edit] Retraining

A character seeks a new path in life and gives up the old life and skills, but begins the new one with a stronger life force built up from a previous profession.

[edit] On Stories

For every ascension after your second, you will need an ascension story for your character. This is not a biography! The story should explain WHY your character is undergoing this change.

The story should explain what is happening or has happened to your character to give them new skills or to force them to retrain. If your new character is a relative or student of your previous character, this is where you state that! If your character is changing professions, give us a brief explanation of why. If they are sticking with the same profession, give us an explanation of why they are gaining new strength and abilities.

For approval-required skins and third or higher ascensions, we will want a good effort on your part! The more ascensions you have the more effort we want.

Don't worry if English is not your native language (or if you're just not a good writer). The effort counts more than the skill.

[edit] Getting Started