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An ascension is the process of your epic character moving on in one form or another to become more powerful. It lets you begin your character anew with extra points allowing you to increase starting abilities, gain extra feats and skills, or even choose special skins!


Examples of Ascensions


she puts her sword away and loses the touch of the control of her power but has come back even stronger than ever.she will relearn what she already knows but this time use it in a much wiser and powerful way...


she is relearning the ways of the power of shapeshifting so that one day she will be horus's strongest worrior and also to become a wiser one in the ways of shapes and forms...

On Stories

she has gotten married and spent her time with her beloved Cyrus and over time had forgotten everything she had learned but yet the power inside of her is still there waiting to unleashed even more stronger than before.shes back but much stronger than her past self...

Getting Started