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[edit] Undead: The Takalum, The Vishlum, and The Kashtilum

The Undead of Mellus are comprised of three forms of Undead, also known as Anar'lum. The Undead are a form of transformed mortals whose existence has been shifted from the positive side of energy to the negative. They feed off of the life force of the living which is normally gained during feasting on victims. However Anar’lum can gain power by feeding on one another. Lastly, although most current Anar’lum are those who were born of Mellus and transformed, the most ancient and powerful of the Anar’lum are actually survivors of the original Undead that appeared ages ago.

[edit] The Takalum (Controlled NPCs)

These are the weakest of the Anar’lum and can be controlled or summoned by those who know the proper rituals or spells.

[edit] The Vishlum (Undead belonging to the Helon Realm)

The Vishlum are members of an organized Undead Realm called Helon. Using powerful magical crystals called Lumcastia, the Vishlum have been able to establish a secret realm of their own and feed off of settlers and wild life whose life force the crystals harvest. The Vishlum have a hierarchical society based on personal power and rule over various territories in the Helon.

[edit] The Kashtilum (Undead who do not belong to the Helon Realm)

Those of the Anar’lum who refused to abide in Helon and give up the old ways of hunting and feeding directly off their victims or who have turned anathema and seek coexistence with their prey. The Kashtilum are among the more clever and devious of the Undead, learning to hide their power and build secret places of power that their prey and other Kashtilum cannot find or destroy.