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Haha, you've been busy :)

Haha, yeah, working in public is a great motivator. Who's that, anyway?


Me, Mouk. Not many others registered yet I see... btw, can we not get automatic signatures to these Talk-posts?

I know of no way at this time. It's pretty stupid, huh?


Yo, Torrent, it's me Xordac. Could you check that the information for Death_System is valid? I believe players still loosing money at very low levels.

It's guaranteed to be horribly out of date (those were the settings on the day the server opened. Been changed countless times since). I will ask Gem.


I was looking at the Sis'Ralar page and was thinking of the best way to break it up and though that making Sis'Ralar Category would be the best way to go, possibly do the same to all other Realms. Just wanted to get your opinion before I go poking around. -Xordac