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[edit] SN info:

"Tammabukku'Sinkk Usemi Idimmu"


Xordac Saulot - Elf form, before 1st ascent

Xordac Prime - After 1st ascent, and his "transformation" a darker personality

Xordac - Current form after 2nd ascent, a mix and conflicted personality between the first two

[edit] Player Info:

Nickname: Xordac

About myself: I like computers... that about summs it up

About my job: It involves computers...

  • unix/linux/windows sysadmin: I get to fix, and sometimes break computers... workstations and servers alike, software, o/s and hardware
  • network admin: I get to play with cisco switches, routers and firewalls... oh so much fun
  • WAN technician: not my forte but I can strugle thru ATMs and prominas and I know about OC1,2,3, SoNET rings etc

And no; I am not looking for a job I have plenty to keep me busy