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[edit] Prequisites

Titled players should

  • Be good spirited
  • Be fun to play around. In party or against. Make sure it is fun for all involved, not just themselves.
  • Remain in character consistently. The RP need not be great, but the effort must be consistent.
  • Keep things calm and never get nasty (of course unless being nasty is part of good and fun RP).
  • Be part of the world. Know it and enhance the world story. Be a strong Realm member (Important).
  • Be polite to your fellow players and DMs in game and on the forums. Don't feed the trolls and don't begin "flame wars" yourself.

[edit] Title Organization

  • Titles without brackets are not granted by DMs.
  • Titles with brackets [Teir 1-4] are granted by DMs and Admins to a player who deserved it.
  • Titles without brackets are not DM approved. Therefor are considered self appointed. If you see these titles please contact a DM.
  • Titles follow a general format. Each tier is the same from realm to ream. The actual full title will have the realm specific name in from of the tier. For example: Berian [Knight] XYZ. [Commander] titled folks have no realm specific title.
  • Titled players lead realms. In times where decisions need are required, and a choice must be made, the titled players will vote. Ties in voting will result in tie breakers. The process for tie-breaking shall be left up to each realm to decide.
  • Titles are as follows:
Tier 1 [Knight/Mistress/Honorable]
Tier 2 [Lord/Lady/Noble]
Tier 3 [Baron/Baroness/Aristocrat]
Tier 4 [Duke/Duchess/Imperial]

DM Titles (Tiers 1 -4): This player is title worthy. They can lead a realm or just be a common Joe player. They possess all the qualities needed to be a great player on StormNexus. They are good spirited, helpful and pleasant to be around. They are NOT a rule breaker. They set the example of a good spirited player on StormNexus. These titles receive a special bonus to enhance gameplay for said player.

[edit] Northern Alliance titles

[edit] Tauror

  • Tier 1: Khan
  • Tier 2: Ur-Khan
  • Tier 3: Sa-Khan

[edit] Ral Grey

  • Tier 1: Battlemaster/mistress
  • Tier 2: Battlelord/lady
  • Tier 3: Warleader
  • Tier 4: Warmaster/mistress

[edit] Blackhelms

  • Tier 1: Sigin Baruk - Sergeant (Sigin meaning 'long')
  • Tier 2: Gabil Baruk - Lieutenant (Gabil meaning 'big')
  • Tier 3: Narag Baruk - Captain (Narag meaning 'black')
  • Tier 4: Uzbad Baruk - General (Uzbad meaning 'lord')

[edit] Sylvan Alliance titles

[edit] Eringalen

  • Tier 1: Berian
  • Tier 2: Brannon/Brannel
  • Tier 3: Arphen

[edit] Engakai

  • Tier 1: Anoroni
  • Tier 2: Kairishi
  • Tier 3: Aigu'nani
  • Tier 4: Gal'li
No descriptors follow the title (unlike Sis)

[edit] Sis'Ralar

  • Tier 1: Ra
  • Tier 2: Rig
  • Tier 3: Rei
  • Tier 4: Sag
Names are followed by descriptors
Melee-type: 'Sinkk
Ranger or rogue types: 'Trakk
Caster types: 'Etiri'Spakk
Bards: 'Etiri'Cantokk

Titles and descriptors are combined with an apostrophe. e.g Ra'Sinkk [Knight] xxx

[edit] Free Alliance titles

[edit] Mal-Grey

  • Tier 1: Arkul
  • Tier 2: Rasuh Arkul
  • Tier 3: Kajul
  • Tier 4: Rasuh Kajul

[edit] Espardius

  • Tier 1: Militus/Milite
  • Tier 2: Dominus/Domina
  • Tier 3: Praetor/Patricia
  • Tier 4: Militis Imperator

[edit] Helon

  • Tier 1: Kal Uri
  • Tier 2: Sag Uri
  • Tier 3: Gal Uri
  • Tier 4: Aga Uri

[edit] Dark Alliance titles

[edit] Daemons

  • Tier 1: Uaueb/Uaueb'et Kheprer
  • Tier 2: Nesu/Nesu'et Kheprer
  • Tier 3: Neb/Neb'et Kheprer
  • Tier 4: Per'ah/Per'ah'et

Note: ('et feminine)

[edit] Dark Ones

  • Tier 1: Naireb
  • Tier 2: Lennarb
  • Tier 3: Nehpra