The Three

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[edit] Credo

In the oldest and most holiest scriptures of dwarven priests the following credo can be found:
We are born of rock and to rock we return.
We awoke in the cavern entrance and heard the voices of the Three.
"To thee we give the gift of rock and stone, mortar and dust, blood and bone.
Builders and delvers shall you be. Safe and strong in your mountains."

[edit] Who are the Three?

The Dwarves of Mellus (Dwarven: De Khauzd Ald Malaz) know three primary Gods. They refer to them simply as The Three (De Tria). Thus three is a holy number to the Dwarves and the triangle is a holy shape. In naming the Three, the Dwarves call them:

  • The Many Faced Warrior (De JorVauzr Khuzuli) - who rules over storms, war, adventure, sports, luck, revelry, etc.
  • The Many Faced Delver (De JorVauzr Geduli) - who rules over nature, stone, fertility, building, seas, oaths, etc.
  • The Many Faced Scholar (De JorVauzr Remuli) - who rules over light, magic, undead, law, energy, guile, etc.

[edit] Recent Developments

In recent history, the Dwarves of Mal-Grey have started to use new names when calling to The Three.

  • They call the Many Faced Warrior Clangeddin. (From Dwarven Klyn-Gedan, Spirit of the 'Dug', Spirit of the Deep Mines)
  • They call the Many Faced Delver Berronar. (From Dwarven Berranari, One who constantly finds treasures, veins of metal etc)
  • They call the Many Faced Scholar Moradin. (From Dwarven Marr Al Din, Mountain of Faith)

It is rumored that this change was brought on by the dwarvish clan of Rockhammer (KarazHeus) who have since disappeared.