The StormNexus

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You can see only the darkness, but sense a huge being of immense power in the shadows. Energy and fear radiate from it.

[edit] "Listen adventurer, as I tell you of the StormNexus

In the Katar capital of Sar Scáth there existed a powerful magical portal - the StormNexus. This device permitted the instant transport to and from the many lands of Mellus. The Katarious army used this device to keep its strangle hold on the other races and cultures of its empire. For thousands of years the Nexus was the true source of the Katarious Empire's power.

Over time, the lords of the Katarious had few opponents to challenge them. Greed and a never-ending thirst for power led them to fight amongst themselves. The royal houses began in earnest to destroy each other, each thinking that they would emerge as emperor.

When the time was right, my brothers and I (the Illiadians) began to trick our Royal Katarious masters into dangerous conflict between each other. Soon the we began to sow the seeds of rebellion amongst the slave races.

It took over 400 years for enough decay to happen. In the end, it was the Orcish hordes that finally rebelled outright. Retribution was swift, but the damage was enough to allow many other races to rebel.

It is the year 2941. The empire crumbled into fragments only 110 years ago. Mellus is a world of unrest, danger, hatred and opportunity for the bold, the noble, or the greedy. With the Empire is in tatters, new lands are emerging, with new heros, new wonders, undiscovered races and much more.

Go then, fare well, fight hard, win, win, win! For ultimately what you earn, I will take!"

(Magnus the Cruel, Rombar of the Sailing Fire)