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[edit] The Phansee Clan

[edit] History of the Phansee Clan

The Phansee Clan is one of the oldest Oaken Clan's that can be traced back to when the Katarious Empire finally fell. Although none of their family or any Oaken for that matter remembers what it was like for their ancestors back in those long days. The Phansee Clan is one of the major Clans that have settled in Ferndale for the past century; however they have now recently up-rooted moved to West Port creating Phansee Manor. They are quite the handful and most curious specimens of Oaken creatures.

In the days of the Katarious, Oaken were used as highly skilled labour for flora and fauna and all Oaken clans became masters at raising crops and herds for consumption by the Katarious. However Clan Phansee, being formed after the fall of the Empire, is now still around to present day. Brothers and sisters of Clan Phansee usually start a life of growing up with a very "rural" feel – learning the harvest seasons, how to grow plants and tame the herds of Ferndale Bears in the past. Now their Clan is blooming in numbers at the sea-side Elven town of West Port. The majority of the family takes residence there, although certainly there are more then one or two siblings that go off adventuring to the unknowns of Mellus. If one thing could safely be said about these Oaken, it is their unpredictability. Personal growth is always encouraged within the family. Although that may sometimes mean taking an epic adventure which may contain viewing the mountain side of the Firecrags or finding themselves in nature. It can only be speculated if that is how the Oaken first found Ferndale. However, they are known presently for their vegetable farming, gardening (a fair amount of West Port's flowers coming from them) and often seen taking small boats over that are headed towards the Carnivorous Swamps and the Wild lands of that area where they herd Water Buffalo to support the Sylvan Alliance Realms.

All Phansee Oaken who have went to the Phansee Manor in West Port have taken an oath to serve the Sis'Ralar to the best of their ability, although some serve in different ways then others. This oath that the Oaken took while moving to West Port has resulted in a large number of Oaken "recruits" within the armies of the united brotherhood of the Sis Ralar Realm. Mostly serving as Scouts and Eyes to their reptilian-like friends, some Phansee have taken the call to attuning themselves to Natures blessings or attuning to the spiritual magic of Natures wrath under the guidance of the Sis'Ralar Council. But like many other Clans, not all are warriors or nimble scouts. Some serve as farmers still into their adulthood (such as Mama Phansee) or even simple Herbologists taking care of the sick.

It is safe to say though, that all Phansee have been raised to live life to the fullest. They are fun and funky Oaken and always find the small, nice things in life. Never ones who want war intentionally, but are willing to defend their new home and friends without a second thought. Although, with such a family brothers and sisters always love to tease each other (and especially the enemies of the Realm)... naturally conflicts are going to rise within the Clan, but one thing will always stay true - which is why this is the selected mission statement of Clan Phansee:

Mess with my family and soon you will die...

[edit] Phansee FAQ:

What are the Phansee?

The Phansee are a Clan of Oakens who are fun loving and probably best put as "mischievous". They have a wild and whacky family and are rarely seen to be serious. The Phansee Oakens are dedicated to serving the Sis'Ralar and have become respectable allies to the Realm (when they are not pranking with natural stink glands from skunks or other silly things). There is no doubt that the family has strong ties with Nature.

Where are the Phansee?

The Phansee originally came from the Oaken village of Ferndale. They were one of the major family clans there. They have now up-rooted to West Port and are located in Phansee Manor.

Why do the Sis'Ralar welcome the Phansee?

The answer for this would change, varying differently from each Sis Ralar. However it is clear that the Phansee and their family are accepted for numerous reasons such as:

  • Nature is not always "calm" - actually more often then not, Nature is chaotic.
  • In the Sis'Ralar Realm, any who wish to serve Nature is welcomed. The Phansee Clan has strong ties with nature.
  • They are good support for fighting Natures war by acting as Scouts, Healers or the occasional warrior and magi.
  • The hearty Phansee bring much spirit to the realm!
  • Excellent food harvesters for help feeding the many mouths of the Sis’Ralar Realm. Nothing is better then Mama's cooking...