The History of Espardius

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In the early days, the High Orcs of Mellus controlled the areas now known as Espardius. The Orcs are credited with the rise of the revolution that would help to free the slaves and bring down Katarious rule. King Ptolemy until recently ruled the lands of Par'Patal, predominantly High Orcs, but also Humans and Elves occupied the lands. They were considered Knights who defend the weak and fight for good. Their role was to protect The Shield Lands and enforce the laws.

Within the Realm, the King had a group of elite soldiers lead by a human, General Zemeckis. During an assignment that brought the general to the lands of Ralakeem, Katarious forces attacked his troops, and the soldier’s forces were decimated. But the fate of the General remained a mystery, for his body was never found. This left the soldiers under the leadership of the General's wife, Tindramathiel who had been the unit's Commander.

During these days, the lands of Par'Patal were suffering. With much of its military forces wiped out, and its lands plundered, the community struggled. The emotional strain started to eat at King Ptolomy. Feeling the collapse of his kingdom, he became hungry for conquest. The first rebellion came from within, when the Shield lands Orcs declared their independence. This set the king into outrage. He sent for General Tindramathiel (Tin) for council. Tin had been in talks with the leader of Libertas, a fledgling human kingdom, about the possibility of bringing them under the protection of Par'Patal. She presented the idea to the King, who accepted with pleasure.

Henceforth, the Libertas were an arm of the Kingdom. The Libertas tower was strategically located in the Shield lands, and the King immediately sent troops to the stronghold. Soon there after, the King sent troops into the area of Bloodstone, planting his flag as ruler over the lowland Orcs. This brought outrage to the peoples of Mellus.

Soon thereafter, he set his eyes on the Goblin king. But his troops were spread thin and the General could see this would lead to ruin. Trying to keep peace amongst their allies as best she could, Tin turned her attention to the irrational thinking of the King. He had become increasingly paranoid and greedy, and no longer thought as he had of old. Concern was spreading though the Kingdom. All eyes turned to Tin for a solution.

It was then, under tremendous strain, that the King's Champion warned her beware the King, for he had heard word that Tin may be branded as a traitor, as the King had just done to another. And indeed, now questioning her loyalty, the King commanded her to execute this "traitor" to regain her honor as a soldier.

He was dragged into the great hall, badly beaten and in chains, and she saw that it was none other than her husband: General Zemeckis. She demanded to know the charges, and the king replied only with madness. Fearful for her soldiers and the innocents in the room, Tin continued on with the charade of the execution. As the King moved closer to watch the execution, Tin slew the King. A battle ensued, and all those still loyal to Ptolemy were killed. Tindramathiel and Zemeckis were declared Queen and King of Par'Patal, which they renamed Espardius.