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As long as there has been life on Mellus, thus has also been the way with Death. What lives must in the end perish like all other things, but there is a transition from life to death, that moment between when one's heart stops beating and they breathe their last, to the time of their passing, that is when Death Incarnate appears to the person, to guide them into the afterlife or onto reincarnation. Some survive this time, for it is not truly their time to die, and it is "He" who decides before they are delivered into the embraces of their Deities, be it Talo, Ta'Surt, or otherwise. When you feel that chill touch, of plague and pestilence, when you know that your days are at an end, he is watching over you, biding his time until your time comes.

He has always remained no more than a whisper in the shadows of time, until only recently, when mortals stop fearing death, and even begin to cheat it. With his very existance at stake, he has chosen to appear to the mortals of Mellus, to put fear of death into them, and give that death a name, and that name is Thanatos.

With the mists as his chariot and mortality as his gateway, he shows his ghastly self, wielding a Scythe as his tool of fate.

(Cleric Domains: Death, Destruction)