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Talo is the Father of Sol. It is He that lives in the night and darkness. Magics he created in order to give Sol the power to work His creations. It is He that takes the dead and gives them to Sol in their time so they can be added to the Knowledge that lives and breathes in creation. Those who choose to not give themselves to this Knowledge he sets aside for the end of times. These dead have been seen to wander the lands of Mellus which some call Undead. When these Undead search for victims and feed on the flesh or souls of them they are cast aside by Talo and He disowns them and thinks on them no more until they repent and change their ways. When they do He will gladly take them back to lay in the dust.

He loves the Elves of Mellus also though they have gravely wounded his heart. Some chose to serve and follow the Katarious in their deeds and evil. He awaits the return of His children so He can offer forgiveness and bind their wounds.

Only in death can one see His true form. For mortals He shows himself in the night, though cyclic, as the Moon we all adore. He does this to allow Sol rest from His travails and so Sol's Light will not scorch the earth below Him.

(Cleric Domains: Good, Magic, Death)

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