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Ta'Surt (Kheprerven: Ta-Surt Netr'et) is the present goddess of the Daemons.

After losing contact with the Old Gods, and their home world, the Daemon race's Clerics and Paladins were powerless, and got help from an unexpected new patron.

"The loss of the gateway had a profound impact on the Daemon colony. Not only were they now cut off from their home world, but all of the Clerics and Paladins sudden felt weak and dizzy. They felt . . . empty and had lost their powers. Unsure of what had happened, they gathered together in a secret place known only to those that served the religious nature of the Daemons. For weeks they prayed and meditated – seeking knowledge or guidance as to why they had been abandoned.

"Then they were visited in a mass vision. An unknown goddess appeared to them and told them that she had heard their prayers and would grant them the return of the powers that they sought. She knew of their fierce nature and it pleased her. She was at odds with the rest of the gods of Mellus and if the Daemons would serve her in dealing with them, then she would protect them and give them the powers they were used to as clerics and paladins. The Daemons agreed and Ta'Surt became the new Goddess of the Daemons."

[edit] Daemon view on Ta'Surt

She is the only God that has made themselves known to us. She is dark and dangerous, her rages lasting weeks, her powers great and her goals despicable.

Yet we follow.

She grants us our powers, our faith and our spells. He divinity is undoubtable. It wasn't until after the Propylon fell that she made herself known. It was just after the first sacrifice was performed since the fall of the gates. A vision, seen by every Daemon on Mellus. Ta Surt in all of her dark glory revealed herself as a goddess and promised to guide our race into the future. A future with her in it. With sacrifices.

Ta'Surt appears to feed on the souls that are ripped from their mortal shells. The priests know that the feeding makes her stronger, but also that the feeding is what keeps her near, and supplying power to the clerics and paladins.

Her goal appears to be that she wants to be the dominant god on Mellus. With the increased rate of sacrifices her power grows by the day.

[edit] Present day

In present day Mellus, the Daemon race is longing to return home, something that Ta'Surt must fear greatly, because that would make the sacrifices stop, and her power left in ruins. For every Daemon true to his or her blood would rise to serve the Old Gods, and the Overlord. Such a loss of power would signal a rise of power among the daemon, and the fall of Ta'Surt at the same time. And likely the end of the time where their cattle can live in safety.

(Note: Daemon priesthood is open for both sexes. It is the clerics who hold up the bloodlines of daemons and rituals connected to it, making them very important people. Good clerics may even enhance the bloodline of a sibling upon birth with their rituals. Once adopted in the priesthood, that Daemon may not gain any nobility. This doesn't mean they are not respected, on the contrary, they are very much respected.)