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The Sylvan Alliance consists of two Realms, the Lizard folk of the Sis'Ralar and the Elves of Eringalen. Formerly a part of the Free Alliance, the Elves and the Sis'Ralar broke from the rest of the Free in (date). That these two Realms stayed allied is a continuation of a long standing friendship and trust going back to the days when the Elves threw off their yoke of slavery to the Katarious and were sheltered by the Sis'Ralar.

To say that the Elves of Eringalen are wary of other Races is to take the definition of that word to its extreme. They are very slow to trust those who are not Elves. They tend to see themselves as a large family and are very protective of those of Elven blood. The Elven credo can best be summed up in the phrase "Elves for Elves". Some on Mellus think the Elves to be arrogant but that is simply because the Elves know in their hearts that they are superior to the other Mellusian races. So, whether another Elf is a member of the Realm or not, the Elves of Eringalen still view them as kin and would protect another Elf.

Elves of Eringalen do not attack other Elves, even those of other Realms, unless those in other Realms present a direct threat or are deemed traitors. A traitorous Elf, usually meaning one who would bring harm to their brothers or sisters or who would make them vulnerable to an enemy, should be prepared for swift, violent, merciless justice. There would be no more love for a traitorous Elf than there is for a Daemon, the Undead or the Katarious themselves. Those are mortal enemies who, in the mind of an Elf of Eringalen, should be simply removed from Mellus with all due dispatch.

The relationship between the Elves of Eringalen and the Sis'Ralar is aided by their shared preference to live in natural surroundings and their affinity for and protective view of nature. The Eringalen lands are forested lands with their main city being Taurnost, which is itself situated in the treetops. It would be interesting to hear an argument between a Sis'Ralar and an Elf about which has the more beautiful lands. Both would, of course, claim superiority. But, which is lovelier, a perfect rose or a perfect lily?

The Sis'Ralar, like the Elves, have an intense hatred for the Undead and the Katarious. Although it was not always so the Sis'Ralar have declared the Daemons to be enemies as well. In addition, they have a long standing hatred of the Tauror owing from centuries of dispute over land rights.

Unlike the Elves, the Sis'Ralar are much more accommodating and welcoming of different races in their Realm. It is not unusual to see an Elf or a Human or a pixie or some other race in the lands of the Sis'Ralar and even less unusual to have one of them claim to be a member of the Realm. That does not mean that the Sis'Ralar are quick to make Alliances. When the Elves and the Sis'Ralar were in the Free Alliance and the vote was taken whether or not to allow the company known as The Forsaken to join, it was the Sis'Ralar who were the last to agree and that quite reluctantly. It seems recent events show them to have been prescient in their reserve for it is around The Forsaken that the argument for breaking from the Free Alliance revolved.