Sis'Ralar Timeline

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-10000 - The people the Sis'Ralar called the Ina Pani disappear.

-7000 - The Treants missing the Ina Pani and fearing the future bury The StormNexus, leaving some of their numbers with the Simly and Sis'Ralar.

-6000 - The first Elves are found living in a great forest by the Simly . The Simly and Sis'Ralar begin to teach the elves the knowledge of the spirits of the natural world.

-5000 - The Sis'Ralar, having taught all they know to the Simly and Elves, retire to their cities Mir'Na and An'Thru.

-1700 - First Katarious contact with the Simly

-1600 - First Katarious contact with the Elves

-1550 - The Day of Emerald Waters. Final destruction of the Simly. See: Time Line

-1300 - Battle of Blackened Ridge. Final destruction and enslavement of the Elves. See: Time Line

-550 - Battle of Quarmlorque. First direct contact between Katarious and the Sis'Ralar. See: Time Line

-551 - Not wishing to have it found, An'Thru is hidden from the realm with magics while Mir'Na becomes the capital of the people.

0105 - The Gnarlwood groves are discovered by the Katarious.

0167 - Mir'Na is discovered by the Katarious Legions.

0168 to 0174 - Sis'Ralar War - Mir'na is seiged. The city is sustained via magics and the hit and run tactics of the Sis'Ralar hunters and warriors. The Sis'Ralar are slowly beaten through attrition.

0174 - Weakened, a token force is left behind to guard the escape. One known as Ten'kor Trilith leads the bulk of the Sis'Ralar out of Mir'Na hidden by magics and the forest itself, they become known as the Lost Tribes.

0175 to 2273 - The Lost Tribes use guerrilla tactics to mislead the Katarious as they travel Mellus to locate the lost city of An'Thru.

2273 - The Emperor decree's that the Sis'Ralar must be located and brought under Imperial control. With an active search going on the Elders determine a new and permanent home must be found in which they can hide and protect themselves.

2381 - The Katarious discover the Tauror but by imperial decree they are marked as animals and the Katarious hunt them for sport.

2600 - Around this time the Tauror tribes band together in an effort to defend against the Katarious. The Emperor decrees the Tauror would make good warriors in his army and orders they be brought under Imperial Control. The Tauror declare themselves a free people and choose a King to lead them to a place free of Katarious.

2623 - The Tauror arrive at the Inner Sea near An'Thru. An'Thru is discovered for the first time.

2624 - Battle of the Spirits. The Tauror king views the Ancient Sis'Ralar as a lesser people and decides they should be killed off to make more room for the Tauror. A large force of Tauror go against the smaller An'Thru Sis'Ralar army, not expecting the druids; the Tauror are beaten back when fire falls from the sky. The Tauror counter with Priests, and the An'Thru Sis'Ralar Druids and Tauror Priests battle in the sky, seas and earth while the warriors of both armies hack at one another. In the end the Tauror are defeated but they continue to harass An'Thru.

2732 - Lost Tribes discover The Circital elves, make a pact and agree to not reveal their secrets.

2733 - Lost Tribes leave the Circital to find their own home.

2784 - Lost Tribes arrival in the Dragwater swamps they call the swamps Nu'Sanka (new home).

2812 - The Lost Tribes encounter the Cyclops Bard who tells them of the success of the High Orc armies. The leader of the Sis'Ralar sends hunters (Rangers), warriors (Fighters) and spirit talkers (Druids, Wizards) to aid the High Orcs against the Katarious.

2870 - A creature calling itself Sis'Ralar arrives in the Dragwater swamp in search of the Lost Tribes. It is learned that in the centuries that the Lost Tribes have been searching for An'Thru they have changed in stature and appearance. The Sis'Ralar are now two lines of separate bloodlines and traits. The Elders of the Lost Tribes are invited back to An'Thru to meet with the Elders of An'Thru as well as the Ri'Sis'Ralar (King) and Ri'Etiri'Spakk (High Druid). It is at this time that the Lost Tribes learn of the Tuaror and the constant harassing of An'Thru.

2901 - During the breeding cycle it is discovered that the Sis'Ralar of the Lost Tribes and the Sis'Ralar of An'Thru are so different that they are unable to interbreed.

2929 - A great conclave of the leaders of all the tribes, the Rul'Etiri'Spakk, and Ri'Sis'Ralar gather to discuss the discovery that the Sis'Ralar of Nu'Sanka are in fact no longer Sis'Ralar as it is understood. The result of the conclave was a re-organization of the people and the name of the people of Nu'Sanka, the Sis'Harrani.