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[edit] Sar'Sis'Ralar (Realm of the Sis'Ralar)

The Sis'Ralar have been seen as the guardians of Nature ever since their first steps out of the Mist. They would not consider their role so much a guardianship of Nature, however, as a cooperation with Nature. The Sis'Ralar are slow to form friendships and alliances but even slower to forsake friends. The Elves, who once took refuge behind their city walls, are their closest allies. The Undead are seen as abominations of nature, and as such have become the racial enemies of the Sis'Ralar. They are a proud and long-lived race(350-500 years) who place the love and loyalty to their brethren above all other things. It is their foremost goal to regain the peaceful way of life they knew before the rise of the Katarious Empire. In the meantime, however, they will take whatever steps they deem necessary to achieve that goal.

[edit] The Engakai (Realm of the Sis'Ralar)

A nomadic people who have dwelt in the privacy of a secluded valley near The Firecrags for as long as their memory stretches. They were once a proud and powerful nation. Their glorious cities that stretched all across the valley were centers of knowledge, art and learning. They also served as homes to powerful mages and warriors alike. At one point in their history they were able to rebuff attacks from the Katarious and drive them out of the valley. As a reward for their faithfulness and service, Kulai the Mother (their main deity) granted them privilege to all cattle and placed them as shepherds of the sacred herds. The Katarious launched a second attack on the Engakai which proved overly successful. All of the great cities lay in ruin and the leaders of the people were mercilessly slaughtered. Only a few small family-groups survived the wrath of the Katarious and it is from those survivors that the society has started to rebuild itself. As part of the valley wall broke away creating a new pass, the Engakai scouts stumbled upon the Sis'Ralar and a kindred spirit was readily recognized.

[edit] The History of the Sis’Ralar and Sis'Harrani

In the beginning there was just the myst and from the myst was born the Sis'Ralar; tall, powerfull and wise they were the caretakers of the lands. The Ina Pani saw this and built a Nexus near the spiritual capital of the Sis'Ralar so that they may spread the wisdom of the land to others. The Simly were the first and fastest to learn of the ways of the spirits and became second only to the Sis'Ralar in being custodians of the lands. The Treant's were the second great race that the Sis'Ralar met. Together the three races worked to protect the lands. The most sacred of these lands were the gnarlwood groves, the three races worked together to nurture these trees as they provided the incense for meditation and the special rituals. Millennia passed and peoples came and went and the Sis'Ralar were there. When the Katarious came the Sis’Ralar had two great cities, Mir'Na and An'Thru. With the rise of the Katarious the decision was made to fortify Mir’Na to resist the invaders and for An’Thru, as the spiritual center of the Sis’Ralar, to hide amongst the mists until it was safe. Unfortunately even the spirit and wisdom of the Sis’Ralar could not resist the brutal power of the Katarious Imperial Legions and Mir’Na fell victim after a long and devastating seige. But rather than sacrifice their lives to the Empire, the Sis’Ralar of Mir’Na escaped in the night and fled into the wilds of Mellus to search for the hidden An’Thru. The first leader of the Sis’Ralar exiles was Ten’kor Trilith. It is said he led his people from the ruins of their home as they searched for a prophesied new realm, through what was called the "Kir Nexiius", or, "The [path to the] way between lands" (Keer)(nex)(eye-us). They wandered for centuries, always striving to stay hidden and yet survive as a people. At one point in their travels, the Lost Tribes encountered the secret community of Elves hidden in The Circital forest, although initial contact was combative, both sides recognized a kindred spirit and the Circital Elves allowed the Sis’Ralar sanctuary for a while, and the Lost Tribes vowed to never reveal what they had seen and learned in the Circital.

Eventually the exiles arrived in the swamps now known as Nu’Sanka or Dragwater and made the swamplands their new home several decades ago. Then war found them again as their help was sought in overthrowing the Katarious Empire. The Lost Tribes gladly joined in the struggle and helped to defeat the evil Empire that had destroyed their ancient home. It was the Lost Tribes that in 2855 led Katarious Legions into an ambush in the swamps of the Dragwater, the Battle of the Marshes.

After many years of relative peace, a strange creature wandered into Nu’Sanka claiming to be Sis’Ralar and as the elders questioned it, they discovered it to be true. Not only that, but he was a messenger from An’Thru. After long discussions it was discovered that not only did their long lost brethren need help, but that the centuries of wandering had brought about a physiological change in the Sis’Ralar from Mir’Na. They were now of shorter stature and of fiercer demeanor. And that fierceness was needed to aid An’Thru from an enemy that An’Thru could not defeat: the Tauror.

The Tauror had been creatures that the Katarious used for hunting and for war after conquering the nomads, but the constant depredations of their people led the Tauror to rebel against the Katarious and flee from their control. However their flight led them accidentally to the hidden city of An’Thru, which looked very inviting to the Tauror. After centuries of peace and tranquility, the Sis'Ralar of An'Thru had developed a sense of spirituality and reserve that the Tauror took for weakness and tried to conquer the city.

The Tauror were rebuffed time and time again, including great battles of magic, until it became obvious that they could never defeat the Sis’Ralar. However, it also became apparent that the Sis’Ralar of An’Thru had lost their skill in war during the isolation and were no longer able to drive the Tauror completely from their lands. Thus messengers were sent out to find the decedents from Mir’Na and seek their aid in dealing with the warlike Tauror and return peace to the lands of An’Thru. The Sis’Ralar of Mir’Na eagerly agreed to aid their cousins and sent a large force to engage the Tauror. Initial success cheered all Sis’Ralar, but the Tauror are proving more resilient and powerful than anticipated and a bloody stalemate has ensued.

With the re-unification of the Sis'Ralar of An'Thru and the lost tribes of Mir'Na many great things have occurred. However one sad thing was discovered, the two peoples could not inter-breed. The lost tribes had evolved so much that they were now a separate species. In a meeting of the Rul'Etiri'Spakk, on which several of the Mir'Na descendants sat, it was determined that while they were one people, they were no longer the same people. A great conclave was held, all the tribal leaders, the druids, and the king met to discuss the issue. In the end they wanted to stay unified but the new race would become the Sis'Harrani, Lords of the Road, in commemoration of the long years they traveled. The Sis'Harrani and Sis'Ralar would remain as one people politically and combined with the elves and humans that joined the population would become the Nise, the People.

[edit] Culture & Religion

The kingdom of the Sis'Ralar is called Sar'Sis'Ralar and is ruled is by a hereditary king known as the Ri'Sis'Ralar. He is approved of and advised by a council of seven known as the Rul'Etiri'Spakk which has at its head the Ri'Etiri'Spakk (Great Druid) with three Sis'Ralar druids and three Sis'Harrani druids. Sar'Sis'Ralar is comprised of Sis'Ralar, Sis'Harrani, humans, elves, and all other forest races that have recently moved into the kingdom, all the population of the Sar'Sis'Ralar are called the Nise. The Sis'Ralar/Sis'Harrani are less religious and more spiritual in their beliefs. They don't follow any supreme gods or see some entities as superior but they work with the forces of nature which they call the spirits. They see that the spirits of creation reside in all things living (which is defined as anything not dead) and all spirits seek to remain in balance with the other spirits. The spirits are ruled by greater spirits who govern various aspects of life are are named such:

  • Mammi - Mother of Creation, Ruler of all Spirits
  • Anu - The Giver of Life
  • Uggae - Taker of Life
  • Enki - Lord of the Earth
  • Enlil - Lord of the Air
  • Gibil - Lord of Fire
  • Nina - Lady of the Water
  • Ninti -Lady Of Life
  • Tiamat - Maiden Of Life
  • Sarrat Irkalli - Queen of Shuruppakk (The Netherworld)
  • Nergal - The Great Watcher
  • Alla Xul - Spirit of Entropy, the destroyer

There is one that is not mentioned, a vile spirit that hates life and unlike the Destoyer this one seeks to corrupt life: Dingir Xul - Ruler of Undeath.

The Sis'Ralar/Sis'Harrani believe that after you die you choose your spirits next course of action, return to life, join the Watcher's or be judged and journey to the netherworld, a place of joy. Returning to life is to join Anu and wait for her to deliver you back. Becoming a Watcher is to join Nergal and become a spirit protecting the sacred places and people of the Sis'Ralar/Sis'Harrani. To journey to the netherword is to be judged by Ninti and if judged worthy they will ride the back of Tiamat to be with Sarrat Irkalli in Shuruppakk, if judged unworthy they return to the land of the living as minions of Dingir Xul. Gatherings for religious rituals of the Sis'Ralar/Sis'Harrani are held seasonally to celebrate the cycle of life and death. They also have meditative rituals and a special ritual to cleans the mind of insanity called Parsus'Nahu. These gatherings are the focal point of the community and the single most important events over the course of the year. Being unable to attend these gatherings can be emotionally and psychologically damaging if it occurs frequently, as to attend the gathering is to be part of the community. To be outcast and not part of the community and unable to attend the gatherings is a great fear and a driving force for the people to be honorable and just.

Parsus'Nahu is a special ritual that has developed out of a need. While peace sustains them war drains the collective psychy of the people resulting in hostility and sometimes insanity or what they call Sag'Kalar (brain fire). When a Sis'Ralar got Sag'Kalar a complex group rituals had to be performed to cleans the spirit and clear the mind. This often resulted in a total loss of memory of past events which while curing the brain fire made it difficult to re-introduce the individual to sociey. Over the millenia the Sis'Ralar have developed ways of dealing with the possibily of brain fire and have prefected the complex ritual that clears the mind of all that is harmful. Now the indivudual that goes through the rituals does not lose all memory but only loses the complex skills they once knew. They still remember basic life skills, freinds and history but they can no longer perform the complex skills of combat or magic as they may once had done. As a result that have to re-train, but whatever wisdom, strength of character and physical attributed they had before the ritual they are able to retain, this making them more proficient as they re-train.

[edit] Technology

Upon re-discovering the lost city and reuniting with the ancient kin the Sis'Ralar now have access to special armor and shields made of wood and vine that protect as well as metal. While the spear is still the preferred weapon most have taken to using weapons captured during the wars with the Tauror and Katarious.

The Sis'Ralar have been using divine magics since the dawn of their existence. No one knows how they learned it but they passed this knowledge onto other races. Arcane magics were unknown to the Sis'Ralar until the war with the Katarious and even though they were aware of the different method they did not know how to use it. It was not until the elves started to arrive in An'Thru looking for a haven that the Sis'Ralar began to learn arcane magic.

[edit] Physical Characteristics

[edit] Children

The Sis'Ralar and Sis'Harrani breed by egg laying every 50 years in breeding cycles. Children of both species look alike but after 50 years they begin to show the characteristic of thier own species. Children are between 0 and 50 years of age.

[edit] Sis'Ralar

These warm-blooded reptilian folk stand around 7 feet tall with green or brown skin and scaled. They have large snouts, long bodies with webbed feet and hands, some with tails. Males and females are easily differentiated and they breed by laying eggs. They have a lifespan of about 500-600 years. They are re-learning the ways of open and aggresive war from the Sis'Harrani.

[edit] Sis'Harrani

Decendants of Sis'Ralar that evacuated Mir'Na they stand about 4'5" and have a dark green complexion. They are scaly but excrete moisture to keep the skin soft. They don't have webbing but all have tails. It is difficult to tell males from females for other races but they and the Sis'Ralar do not seem to have any difficulty. Like the Sis'Ralar they reproduce by laying eggs. They have a lifespan of about 450-500 years.

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