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  • Wait for the right time to take the pic.

  • Press "Print Screen"-button (upper right corner of keyboard usually)

  • The pictures you took are found in NWN root directory (C:\Games\NWN\ for example).

Their name should be something like NWN0001a.TGA.

Each game session (when you begin gaming and when you quit the game) makes their own set of files and they are named accordingly:

Session one, player takes 5 pics, they are named NWN0000.TGA, NWN0001.TGA, NWN0002.TGA, NWN0003.TGA and NWN0004.TGA

Session two, player takes 1 pic, it's named NWN0000a.TGA

Session three, player takes 3 pics, they're named NWN0000b.TGA, NWN0001a.TGA and NWN0002a.TGA

and so on. Anyone didn't get the idea?

  • TGA-files can be opened for example with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Go find yourself a demo with google. IrfanView is a freeware program that can handle TGA-files as well.

  • Open your screenshot with a suitable program, and find a way to resize the picture. Before posting it to forums decrease the size to something like 640x480 or 800x600 and save it using JPG format.

  • Go find yourself some place where to put the images (that's called a host). Imageshack is a good example.

  • After uploading your images to the server, go find out what URL people have to use to get to see them. Then get back to SN Forum and make a post. Link syntax goes like this:

If you want the people to see your picture without having to click the link, use [IMG]-tags, like this:


But make sure that your picture isn't too big so that it doesn't screw up the forum layout, or that anyone opening the picture doesn't freeze (640x480 resolution and 200 kilobytes maximum recommended).

  • Then go see what you have done, if you see the picture, it should be okies. If you don't see the picture, something is wrong. Read this walkthrough again and find the spot that you missed.