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[edit] Rogue Skill: Open Locks

There are 4 major types of doors, chests, and locks:

  • Those that can only be open using a quest key
  • Those that can be open by pick-locks or quest key
  • Those that can be open by pick-locks only
  • Those that are not locked

The DC for locks is generally around 4 * Area Level

The DC For quest / pick chests is generally around 4 * Area Level + 10

[edit] Rogue Skill: Climbing

StormNexus has a unique Climbing System. A Rogue's climb chances are calculated as follows.

  • Add Rogue levels
  • Add Dex bonus/2
  • Remove small amounts for weight
  • Add bonuses for rare climbing-enhancing tools
  • Climbing up is harder by 25%
  • Surfaces can make adjustments
  • Trees are easy
  • Wood walls are average
  • Rock/Stone is average
  • Stone walls are tough
  • For every 20 feet you make a check

Your character can look and tell how long and difficult a climb will be. Of all classes rogues have the best chance. Assassins, Rangers, Barbarians, and Druids also gain reasonable chances. Other classes have moderate chances of success if not overburdened.

[edit] Rogue Skill: Jumping

Your night stalker can do some serious sneaking about. The jump ability allows skillful Rogues and such to bypass some of the more difficult defenses with a quick shimmy up!

Jumping chances are very similar to climbing except the basic chances for success are much easier for short jumps. Longer jumps are much harder.

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