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StormNexus has a customized rest menu to allow players to do a myriad of things.

  • Save your character - This will tell the server to save the current state of your character to the servervault, it is good practice to save often in case of server crashes.
  • Rest - Normal character rest function. It lets your character recover HP/Spells/Special abilities. In StormNexus you can rest once every 4 game hours
  • Character Emotes - Lets your character perform different animations.
  • Crafting Menu - Allows you to customize your armor, helmet, robes, weapon or shield.
  • Check Bank Balance - Allows you to check how Gnarlroots your character has deposited in the bank without having to actually go to a banker.
  • Roll Dice - Allows you to roll dice for multiple role play purposes

Other functions in no particular order:

  • De-level your character - Allows you to remove 1 character level at a time. Useful in case you decide to change your character.
  • Change Alignment - Allows you to change character Alignment on the fly which in turns allows you pick classes combinations which normally would not be possible.
  • Change Bard Song - Allows you to pick what text your character says when they use the Bard song ability.
  • Choose Enemy Class - StormNexus has multiple custom Factions. This give you the ability to make certain Spells/Skills against those factions.
  • Loot notification - Enable or disable if your character gets notified of items other party members pick up.

There are different ways to get access to the custom rest menu:

  • By clicking rest icon below your portrait on the top right corner of your screen
  • By pressing the letter R on your keyboard
  • From the radial menu by right clicking your character and clicking the crafting skills icon