Religion of Orcs

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[edit] Religion

The glories of Sol the Lightbringer and the Making of the People

Darkness was the expanse. Knowledge dead and what we would barely recognize as life was lethargic and apathetic.

A rift appeared and Sol the Lightbringer came with his family. It is He who brought the Great Family through the Rift. Sol caused Light to enter the expanse of the Cosmos and Knowledge came to the lethargic and it began to bloom and grow.

Pala, his mother, was with him. It is she who forces Sol to rest so his light can be for ages. She cares for the life of all through her arts of healing and growing.

Talo, his father, came also. His body wanes and his light is not as strong as Sol but shine it does to bring us knowledge even in the darkness. It is he who cares for the dead and the night as Sol rests.

Shamal, the brother of Sol, came. It is he who works with Sol to bring life to the expanse. Storms and water are his life. It is he who causes the seasons to be.

So it was that in unison they worked and life flourished. Not the apathetic and lethargic life of the before time but real life with thought and energies.

But another came through the Rift: An uninvited guest named Necal, who endeavors still to bring ignorance and lethargy to all that Sol has created. Many it brings to itself, those who live with no honor and little care for those who live in the light of Sol.

After life bloomed Sol saw that Necal worked its evil ignorance in what His Family had created. He made then the Kadpartowan, His People, able to withstand Necal.

Life He breathed into them. Tall and beautiful they were. Winters and hardships unknown they were made to withstand. Land He gave them and they called it "Parfo'patal" or “The Blessed Realm”.