Religion of Horus

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[edit] Religion of Horus

This is taken from a half burned manuscript . . .

Ta Surt

She is the only God that has made themselves known to us. She is dark and dangerous, her rages lasting weeks, her powers great and her goals despicable.

Yet we follow.

She grants us our powers, our faith and our spells. He divinity is undoubtable. It wasn't until after the Propylon fell that she made herself known. It was just after the first sacrifice was performed since the fall of the gates. A vision, seen by every Daemon on Mellus. Ta Surt in all of her dark glory revealed herself as a goddess and promised to guide our Race into the future. A future with her in it. With sacrifices.

Ta Surt appears to feed on the souls that are ripped from their mortal shells. The priests know that the feeding makes her stronger, but also that the feeding is what keeps her near, and supplying power to the Clerics and Paladins.

Her goal appears to be that she wants to be the dominant god on Mellus. With the increased rate of sacrifices her power grows by the day.

Praise be to Ta Surt!