Religion of Helon

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The Vishlum of Helon have long sensed a great presence in The Great River (Bil Ungrath) and worship the spirit of the river (Mas Lil) as the source of their rise above the Kashtilum and fate to one day domesticate all of Mellus. It speaks to them in a Dark Voice called Mas Gu.

[edit] Becoming an Anar'lum

In a special ceremony (Mas Zi Sagal Esda), the Zi-Gal (the Living) are used to create new Anar'lum as either victim or celebrante depending on view point. The process causes severe pain and agony as the body converts from positive energy to negative energy. The conversion also takes place with total awareness of the change. In most cases, the Zi-Gal selected or permitted to undergo the ceremony has a sufficiently strong enough mind to handle the conversion. In those cases where the mind cannot, it snaps and thus is created the mindless Takalum.

Is there a 'Netherworld' and what is it?

The Netherworld (Kikal La-Kalla) does indeed exist. It is a nether void that all Anar'lum have a mystic connection with and can travel to and from. However, the journey is mind-altering and no one travels it more than once except for the Takalum. Is is via the Netherworld (nicknamed 'Kur') that the crystals Lumcastia and the great river Bil-Ungrath are connected. Lumcastia draws energy from the Zi Gal and sends it to Kur. From there it is drawn into Mellus and manifested in Bil Ungrath.

Each Vishlum must periodically perform a ritual of feeding (Masid Nig-Gu) at Bil Ungrath in order to maintain his connection a feeding link. Should the link be broken or fade, then the Vishlum runs the risk of the Dark Hunger (Mas-Sigar) becoming too strong for him to resist. This places his sacred oath (Zi-Kug) not to feed on the Zi Gal in jeopardy.