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Despite freedom to travel across Mellus via the Nexus, uncertainty and hostility continued to be the initial reaction of the Living to the Vishlum - although a few open minded individuals began to understand the intentions of the Vishlum and even accept the peaceful intentions of Helon towards the rest of Mellus. At this time however, two other races were introduced to the Vishlum – Daemons and Humans. From a world other than Mellus, they were trapped on Mellus and unsure how they fit in this world. Daemons were powerful beings who resided in their floating cities of magic and, like the Anar'lum, were different in their feeding habits from the Living. The Humans were weaker, but adaptable beings who had long the slaves of the Daemons, but escaped from that bondage with the collapse of the Katarious Empire and experienced freedom for the first time. The Humans were readily adopted by others of the Living, whereas Daemons were hated and shunned. Due to a similar treatment by the Living, the Vishlum formed an uneasy alliance between Helon and the Daemon Realm.

Recently that alliance (also known as the Dark Alliance by some) has caused great pain and suffering to all in Mellus. A powerful Daemon lord called Horus had risen to seize power over all Daemons and ruled for some time before attempting to subvert an aggressive and successful band of brigands called the Mace through trickery and deception. Unfortunately his deceit was revealed, as well as the death of their leader, throwing the Mace Dwarves into and uncontrollable rage. A Dwarvish holy relic, the Trinity Hammer, was revealed to the Dwarves and used to terrible effect as the Mace followers attacked Horus and his Daemons. Horus was defeated by the power of the Hammer, but such was the rage of the Dwarves that when the Princes of Helon came to broker a peace – the Dwarves attacked them as well. Three of the Princes were stricken and the other two fled. The Dwarvish Gods in their anger over the misuse of the Hammer, reclaimed it from the Mace Dwarves.

Without a leader and lose of purpose, the remaining Dwarves eventually wandered north and re-established the vanquished Realm of Ral-Grey, which had been long since destroyed by the Katarious. But the rage of the Dwarves infected all of the Living and they made war on the last of the Daemon sky cities, inflicting such damage that the great fortress fell from the sky and landed where the lands of Daemons and Vishlum were near to each other. So great was the force of the impact, that The Ring Sea River was torn from its river bed, great cracks opened all across the world, and a massive dust cloud rose to cause months of darkness.

To deal with this chaos, a Dark Council was formed of Vishlum and Daemon to try to establish order for the two Realms which were suddenly leaderless and with lands of but one Realm. A new area for the Daemons was eventually carved out of the wilderness and called Senf-Duu. A small village called Mitharian was established to help both Realms recover from the twin disasters. Then one day the spirit of a powerful Daemon lord took possession of a powerful Kashtilum body and that unholy union was called Haagenti. Haagenti took control of the Dark Council and began to reshape the cultures of Daemon and Vishlum to serve his own dark purposes. Many objected to his policies – many were killed for objecting. Others served as best they could while maintaining their honor. Haagenti even began to draw in Kashtilum to serve him and walk openly in Helon where once they would have been killed on sight. But Haagenti was foiled in his plan as Horus and two of the Princes of Helon came back one day to challenge what he had done. Horus fought Haagenti in single combat and was victorious. Haagenti was banished to the edges of Vishlum lands and took his followers with him.

[edit] Fall of the Dark Alliance

Towards the end of the institution of the Dark Alliance, tensions mounted between Vishlum and Kheprer, and the differences between their feeding habits. Whilst Vishlum were naturally more passive feeders, preferring peace and stability, the Kheprer were violent feeders, eating human meat and souls. The conflict came to a final head in the Battle of Dead Blood in the lands of the Mal-Grey, when Horus Sfedu and his Champion Eshiri-Neb invaded that realm with a large force of daemons. The Helon came to the aid of the Mal-Grey and attacked the daemons from behind. After a disastrous retreat, several daemons falling, the Kheprer were teleported away. A few hours later an official announcement of the end of the Alliance was made by both sides.

Helon is now a full member of the Free Alliance (Nam-Du-Sa A-Ama-Ar-Gi), and despite initial political issues with Mal-Grey, appear to be secure in that position. They are now officially enemies of the daemons, rather than their allies, and friends of the living... for now.

[edit] Current Princes of Helon

The Princes of Helon are:

Ninsun - Prince of the Dark Spirit and Master of Knowledge

Enki - Prince of Dark Power and Master of the Dark Hunger

Zaltu - Prince of Undeath and Master of the Ceremonies

Namtar - Prince of Conquest and Master of the Horde

Gerra - Prince of Arcane Arts and Archmagus of Helon