Praetorians of Espardius

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The Praetorians of Espardius are the elite fighting force of the Kingdom of Espardius. The Praetorian were modeled after the Sodliers of Par'Patal after the transition.

The role of the Praetorian is, primarily, to protect the King. But they also serve as the spearhead for many of the Espardian offensives as well.

The Praetorians have their own structured hierarchy:

  • Legatus (General)
  • Tribunus (Commander)
  • Centurion (Knight)
  • Tesserarius (Guard)

All others are referred to as Praetorians.

They are often referred to as Blue Cloaks due to the colors that they wear. Only Praetorians on duty are required to wear the Blue uniform.