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[edit] The Pixies

Basic Introduction of Pixies

Pixies (also known as Fairies) are the smallest sentient race in the world of Mellus. Often mistaken for bugs, these creatures are extremely quick and tiny. Pixies are also known to be energetic, enthusiastic and playful. Pixies are often most recognized by their wing colours which vary from each Pixie, for they represent the creature’s spirit. Pixies are not born from a mother or father, but in fact hail from the ancient forests of Duskenwood.

The History of Pixies

It is said that there is a tree of a dozen leaf colours that is hidden in the ancient forests of Duskenwood and that no axe or fire can affect the tree. This tree is known as the Hob Hollow Tree. The Hob Hollow Tree is only a legend to those who are not of Pixie origin and it is said to grow each year, never growing old. The Hob Hollow Tree was not once as magnificent as it is now however.

The Hob Hollow tree has always been and is rumoured to be one of the first tree’s ever created by Nature. The Tree had always remained small, never growing past two feet. It was a tiny tree compared to all the other trees of Duskenwood. Then, when the Forest itself had grew every other tree in Duskenwood and only the Hob Hollow tree had remained, the very soil empowered the tree. Nutrients, life and power were sent to the tree’s roots and the tree started to sprout not only leaves. The Pixie race had been born.

It’s very first branch that sprouted gave life to the first three Pixies of Mellus and now only Rynn remains out of the original three. The tree has been growing every year since the original birth of Pixies and as it grows, so does the number of Pixies across Mellus. Every main branch on the tree is home to a different colour of leaf. Every main branch has twigs sprouting from them. With each branch being so different, it is why Pixies ideas can vary so differently and they can be found in multiple Realms across Mellus. These main branches support the lives of all Pixies and the twigs of the main branches represent the individual life of the Pixie. When a Pixie dies, it is because the individual twig that gave them life has died. This could be a variety of reasons as the individual twig and Pixie is connected by their very soul. It is why Pixies poof when they are truly dead.

The Hob Hollow tree is not only the creator of the Pixie race but it is their true home. Pixies dwell inside the actual tree itself, which consists of many layers. The actual contents of the inside of the tree are a secret to every race and no Pixie would ever tell another soul if they ever seek to leave it. A reason why a Pixie would leave it’s home is as varied from the branches that they sprout from. One cannot say all Pixies are the same, although there are clear characteristics between all Pixies.

The Culture of Pixies

Due to the variety of the branches from the Hob Hollow Tree, many Pixies will differ in their religion, attitude and thoughts on life. There is a strong emphasis in their culture of living in the moment, for they never truly know when they will poof. All Pixies do however have a great appreciation for forests and despise the Undead and Daemons of Mellus due to the destruction of Forests across the globe that could have been their homes. Pixies tend to float towards any Realm that has an emphasis of Nature or where they can express themselves without fear and feel most importantly, wanted – which is why Pixies may gravitate to a single realm due to already having kin there. They are natural social creatures and love to interact with the environment around them.

The Technology of Pixies

Pixies rely on themselves and their environments. Due to their quick feet and small height, many Pixies use it to their advantage with stealth and using their natural dexterity to their advantage. Other pixies try to make up for their small height and be as loud as they can, with using arcane magic or divine prayers. Light weapons, that move as quick as them are a favourite among all however. Pixies tend to create weapons from their own home so they have a variety of bows, magical sticks or small sharp weapons. Anything that can slow a Pixie down is no friend to their small bodies.

The Physical Characteristics of Pixies

All Pixies are extremely small and have butterfly-like wings. Their wings come in many different colours representing the branch that they hail from. No two Pixies have the same pattern on their wings. Every Pixie varies and always has the same colour hair as their wings. Pixies skin colours are also of a large variety although they tend to favour more earthy colours.

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