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Pala is the Mother of Sol and it is She who cares for all under Sol's Light and Knowledge. The earth under the feet, the animals in the fields and walking on her precious soil she has taken in Her bosom and loved. The stout Dwarves and small Oaken Elves she cares for and blesses. The great Tauror she worries for wondering if they will follow Necal to their doom.

She has been seen walking the fields and glens or at the highest peak or lowest caves of Mellus as an old Dwarven female. Stars are Her eyes and the Wisdom of ages past is her face. Druids she favours the most and grants them the bulk of Her power.

(Cleric Domains: Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant, Protection, Travel)

Hugar slowly lifts the pen and begins to write..

I soon leave Mellus to it's fate so i write of the Great Family and what their followers must always remember. My hope is my son will carry on in my stead.

To followers of the Great Family there is neither "good" nor "evil". These are simply vagaries of perception, and conditional on whether something affecting us is negative or positive-weeds are "evil" because they ruin the look of a garden as an example, but weeds cannot be "evil" as they make no action against us.

This is the harmony, a balance if you will, that we defend. In this we must always strive-to do right action. This requires careful thought on a follower's part, and it is never action without thought, nor is it ever reactionary.

That is why wisdom and knowledge are sought, above all, by all of the Great Family's followers. Only through this can any follower truly find right action, and therefore know what to defend.

Necal works against this harmony, but it is difficult to find it's darkness without knowledge and wisdom. These are both our lights and guides, and above all our guard against the lies of Necal.

Always remember this whether you follow Sol, Talo, Pala, or Shamal. I go to join my wife, Jenny, and rest by a fire.

Hugar Velteff

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