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Mendezeran's past and future are shaped by several groups of daemons. Here are the major groups of notice.

[edit] The Red Tower

Led by the mad daemon, Kha'lu'narathar, this group is a secret society working for the destruction of the universe, and themselves along with it. The Red Tower consists of mages, and bodyguards, who all believe that the destruction of all the universe, except for the motherworld, is their destiny, and will grant them status as gods. They have worked for ages to complete the ritual, aswell as trying to make a complete propylon network.

Their plan is to use the network as a sender of the powerful magic, to devastate themselves, aswell as all of the universe, except the motherworld. With the mad daemon as the Overlord of the a realm of the dead, and living in a enourmous red tower. Red from the blood of all those slain in the single spell. Through, all this is unknown to the rest of Mendezeran, as only the inner circle of the Senate know of it's existance, and even then, not much more.

[edit] The Imperial Eight

These Eight nobles are handpicked by the senate, and given a special, unique armour, made of the same, white metal as the captical city is. They are always in the front of a battle, and serve as the finest generals of the Empire, travelling to Colonies through a special blade handed to them, they can also use these to travel to un-connected worlds this way.

Each of the Eight is given a golden serpent who has been injected with the Overlord's blood, and beaten into submission. Each and everyone of them are paladins to the god of Chivalry, and upholding his moral code in battle, and outside it.

[edit] The Blades of Ka-Anhubis-eth

Assassins, and the best in the known universe at that. They serve their god of death, killing those he deems worthy of death, either out of fear, or out of respect. They have blades forged by the god himself, that allow them to kill a daemon's Sahu when needed. The lord of death himself awards the successful, and at rare occasions, he orders a large hunt, selecting a incredibly crafty victim, criminal, or escaped slave, or even a serpent. Once the victim is chosen, all of the Blades start pursuing it, and kill it without hesitation.

So far, only one daemon targeted by the Blades has survived; The Overlord, when he was targeted by his son, during the first rebellion. It is doubtful such a thing is going to happen again.