Order of Blood

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Ancient before the discovery of Mellus, the Ne'Ud-Senf (Order of Blood) is held in high regard within Daemon society. The Order provides a service still shrouded in mystery. The following is an excerpt from K’vorna of Churl as he spoke to acolytes of the order several hundred years ago:

Stability and Purity of blood. These two things hold our order firm. They give us strength. They are the pillars upon which our faith has basis.

Only through Stability can our order function. Stability means rigidity and strength. Stability means dependability and resistance to chaos. Stability gives form and with form comes purpose.

Purity of blood is sacrosanct. Only by keeping the bloodlines pure can we achieve our divinity. The more pure our blood the closer to our Gods we become and they to us.”

The small quote is part of his now famous speech from our archives. Though he may have passed into the ether, his words give comfort. They give stability and they ensure order.

The Order of Blood consists of a single directive : To ensure purity of blood in all Daemons so that we may reach godhood or as close as possible to our forefathers divine status.