Orcish History

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[edit] Orcs: The People (Kar'dopa'waton), the Brutae, and the Lost Ones (High Orc)

It was after many seasons of life the Kar'dopa'wanton grew in number. Long suffering they were and in the Light of Sol they learned many things. He sent Pala, his Mother, to teach them all of the gathering and the seasons Shamal caused to be. The Great Family came and taught them the abilities to heal, and weave incantations which were natural, from the Family.

A mysterious figure appeared to the People after an age had pass. Beautiful and tall she was and knowledge she seemed to bear in herself. She spoke to the People of all. She could teach them if they forsook the Great Family and followed her.

Then a schism was created in the People. The Wise men of the tribes gathered in council and argued for nigh on eight seasons of the Sun. When the council ended the People wept as many followed the stranger and disappeared for seasons uncounted. This they have come to call the First Schism.

The People grew in the knowledge of Sol still but their numbers waned as grief took them at the schism for many seasons. Seasons past as they lived in peace and knowledge.

A prophecy was spoken to them of Dread Ones who would come. Minions of Necal they would be and for unnumbered passing’s the People would be held in sway by them. Dishonor and lies they would spread and they would turn people against people and for an Eon. They would rule the lands of Sol. But Sol promised that the People would be kept by him and survive the deceit the Dread Ones would spread.

So it was the Dread Ones who came as Sol had told. Though hosts of the People fought they were overcome by the minions of Necal and driven into slavery.

[edit] The Coming of the Katarious

In peace did the People live before the coming of the Dread Ones knowing no war, but seeking wisdom and knowledge instead. Valiantly they fought the Dread Ones, but Necal proved too strong for them.

It was then the People found the Brutae. In battle they faced the ferocity of their onslaught. Necal had been that stranger who had caused the schism of the People by lies she had spread.

Ignorant the Brutae had become and savagery was their way. They were more savage and cruel, large and strong. They were born of daemon manipulation and Dread One training. Dishonor they wore and in pride and ignorance they relished in. Hatred they bore in plenty for the People.

For an Eon did the Dread Ones possess the lands of Sol as the Great Family wept. The People hid the wisest of their tribes in a safe haven. They began to make home on an island in the delta, close to the capital of the hated Dread Ones. Parfo'patal - they named it after their homeland. Sol protected them and they were blessed. The Wise ones died and the People wept for the ones they were unable to save.

It was here the People drew many of different tongues. Ones called "Human", a barbaric people, they brought first. No human knew where they came from but they served terrible masters. The People felt love for these poor folk and began to teach them of Sol and His Knowledge.

Small peoples called “Oaken” they brought. It was they who were closest to the heart of Pala and tended the life Sol and Shamal had created in perfect unison as Pala sowed.

It happened one day an injured giant sorcerer was found by a chieftain. He was tended by the finest of the healers of Sol and recovered. He asked for their aid in a rebellion against the Dread Ones. As always the People knew their duty, and the Illiadian began teaching them the use of fine weaponry and how to combine it with the knowledge the Great Family had given them.

Forges and smithies were built on the isle and plans then began to lay with those they had found. Thus was the rebellion born and mayhem followed. The Dread Ones were powerful and The People were valiant. Victories and defeats were on both sides but the People were near defeat.

Then the Empire floundered and the Dread Ones began to consume even themselves, and The People, and their allies, grew hopeful. In a final battle at the heart of the Empire, Sar'Scath, the People put all their hope. They laid siege to the great city, the elves within worked tunnels as sappers and the people and their allies swarmed in. The walls of the great city fell; the People and allies over ran their former masters and laid them low.

At this time many Brutae fought and wished to control and be masters themselves. As was the duty of the People they fought valiantly against them and chased them to the four corners of the lands. As Sol decreed the People took the land that was once the Dread Ones capital and named it Shieldlands.

So it is that peace came to the lands and life flourished again unfettered by Necal. The People are on guard still to this day. Guardians are in the land watching and waiting for Necal to show herself again.

[edit] Ptolemy and the Second Schism

A group formed a kingdom named Par'Patal on the eastern shore of the Ring Sea River to protect others from the mysterious Helonites and the Brutae known to inhabit the mountains in the region. A king they named and many of the People followed. There they formed bonds with the dwarves of Mal-Grey, and endeavored to aid humans who had escaped the Daemon farms during the rebellion and taught them the knowledge Sol had given. To the wisest they gave lands and titles so they could grow and prosper.

Sol, angry because they had taken lands and not given them, brought a madness on the king and his family. They abandoned Sol and his ways and sought to enslave the humans and others, and bind them all.

It was then a group of the People who confronted the last king of Par-Patal and spoke against his madness. He refused to listen and many, led by Hugar and Jenny Velteff, left the kingdom sailing for months. The madness was ended when a human female finally killed Ptolemy, and Par-Patal was renamed Espardius and became a haven.

The People renamed this group the Lost Ones, and adopted the Common term used by other races for the People-High Orc. Whatever happened to them the People did not know, and in truth did not care. Finding a northern isle, they named it Winter Haven. They built a village and keep, and began farming. They are still there now to this day.