Old Gods (Daemon)

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These are the Old Gods, creators of the Daemon bloodlines, through, they at present time cannot be worshipped for spells in Mellus, the truly old Daemons still carry them close, perhaps closer than their new Goddess. These are the Old gods of Mendezeran:

Razthielk-Re (Kheprerven: Razthielk-Re Netr), the Wargod, creator of the Fiery Daemons that often are made princes, or other nobility. Is the father of almost all other daemonic gods, his brother killed by one of his sons, he now is the sole eldest god, side by side with Bastarah, his queen. His avatar, seen only two times through the ages, is that of a silver-plated, huge, winged daemon, with golden flames licking his skin and armour. His image is to see in several places, such as currency.

Bastharah (Bastharah Netr'et), Godess of temptation, creator of the temptation daemonesses, and the bloodlines who spend their time tempting motals with power, or into committing homicide. Queen of the gods of old, and mother of almost all the other gods. Most commonly seen of the gods, often walking among daemons, having had offspring with several noble daemons, much to her husband and king's dismay. She is known to have beauty the no one can resist, no matter how strong their will.

Ilyk-Mathar (Ilikmathar Netr), God of wisdom, creator of the greatest magical bloodlines, as well as those who tend to show an aptitude to scholarship. Ilyk-Mathar is often described as a large dark-blue, or purple daemon, with lightning behind him.

Nashuna'foogha (Nashna-Fookha Netr'et): Goddess of Darkness, creator of daemon bloodlines who sacrifice looks and form for power. The exact opposite of her mother, she has a form so repulsive, that casting a glance would turn any daemon, or mortal insane. For this reason, she constantly wears a shroud, and covers herself in darkness, except for when she sees her appearance as useful.

Geh-nyyroth (Ge-Niroth Hem-Netr), God of Imps, creator of imp-kind, and often regarded as a servant-god to the others. The only god not born of Razthielk-Re, but was born from Nashuna'fooga, and Razthielk-Re's forgotten brother.

Larthia (Lar-Tha Netr'et), Goddess of Pain, creator of the very darkest daemon bloodlines, and the one who helped daemon-kind create the Ka-Unem, the Soul Eater. Speculated by scholars stranded on Mellus to be Ta'Surt's mother, or rival, through, little is known about why they have the same title.

Rhodaar (Rhodhaa Netr), God of Chivalry, creator of the daemon bloodlines who favor valorous combat, and duel, rather than exploiting numbers and tricks. The most commonly revered god by daemon Paladins. The daemon code of honor is a complex one, and knights of the god have to spend long years in training, being taken as early as infants, if the parents wish for it. Rhodaar is the only god that has actually entered combat for the daemons, during the final battle in the first rebellion, stunning the forces of the Overlord's son with his golden blade, as he cut through them.

Ka-Anhubis-eth (Ka-Anhubtis Netr), Lord of Death, permanent and eternal, his very few priests arrange funerals for when one's sahu has passed away for good, wearing dark robes with golden jewelry. He is rarely revered, and often feared for his abilities. At the creation, he refused to offer his blood, killing his long-forgotten uncle as he spilled his blood over Mendezeran. only one daemon bloodline spawned from him, by him having a son with a daemon countess. Today this bloodline are banshed, having thrown themselves into the side of the Overlord's son, at the first rebellion. His bloodline is known to be unkillable by any means but himself wanting it.

The Overlord (Ne'Sfedu-Netr), Living God, physical link between Mendezeran and the Gods, Recognized head of the Empire, and head of the Priesthood. Is incapable of answering prayers, both because he is not one of the original gods, and because his duties in Mendezeran take too much of his time already. He is of Razthielk-Re's bloodline, and his original name is long forgotten, as he wished it to be. His weapon is a greatsword forged from the same material as his city.

Ahrunk-Im-Lothaion (Ahrunk-Im-Hothom Netr), God of Slave hunters, and keeping of slaves.

Unokhala'setina (Unokhala-Set-Na Netr'et): Goddess of the wildlands, she is the creator of those bloodlines who care for nature, and acts as it's embodiment, she encourages her followers to respect nature, on Mendezeran, and elsewhere. Through often thought of as pacifists, her followers can show the most feral, and dangerous side of nature, too. Her images, often carved into living wooden shrines in distant daemonic druid groves, resemble a stunningly beautiful daemon, with skin of tree, a hair of water, eyes of clouds, and fire at her legs.