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[edit] About Northern Alliance

Northern Alliance includes two Realms, the Dwarven kingdom of Ral-Grey and the lands of the Tauror, and the fortress of Du'kilzak. The trading town of Snowbourne serves as the Allliance's economic center and is home to a diverse population that owes its allegiance to the Kings of the North.

[edit] People of the North

The Northron winters are long and cold, and so it's likely that only the strong survives. They are usually quite xenophobic, meaning that they don't trust the people coming from the other alliances. Especially dwarves like ale and meat and a good brawl, and they are not likely to give up a good fight. Most are experienced in warfare and hunting, and northrons are usually considered to be a dangerous opponent for anyone.

Races and their Relevance to the North:

- Dwarves and Tauror (minotaurs and gnolls) are the standard races of the North.

- Humans: accepted. Many are former Daemon slaves who escaped into the North

- Elves: generally not accepted nor trusted, but with their have been rare exceptions. Some elves have been adopted into the Tauror tribes in the past.

- Half elves:usually accepted, although they tend to have to prove their loyalty more often.

- Oaken (halflings): accepted, but usually considered children.

- Marchane (Gnomes): an offshoot sub-race of the Val-Grey dwarves, generally accepted, although most NA Marchane are exiles from the gnome homeland.

- Undead: accepted on a case by case basis, but outsiders are seldom welcomed.

- Half Orcs and Orcs; accepted.

- Daemons: never accepted under any circumstance.

- Goblins: accepted as a type of second-class citizen by the majority. Several goblin tribes have made peace with Ral-Grey and co-exist peacefully, providing labor for the Tauror and dwarves.

- Pixies: accepted only on RARE circumstances.

These are the races as they relate to the North in general, but to be considered for membership into the Blackhelms you must be dwarf and for the Za'ror, you need to be either a minotaur or gnoll.

[edit] History

Northern Alliance was formed shortly after the Blackhelms returned to their old homes and began rebuilding of the Ral-Grey kingdom. They needed safe roads from the fortresses down to tauror forests so they could bring up the necessary supplies, and so the almost forgotten Snowbourne village proved to be useful and it began to grow.

[edit] Culture

Northern weather doesn't make it easy to be an artist, so the entertainment business is usually done after the day's duties. There isn't much of full time painters or musicians. Most Bards also have a military career, and some even like to sing while they are fighting. This makes the enemies very nervous and irritated. Biggest part of culture comes around telling stories around a campfire or in a tavern, and listening the bagpipes and harps, while having some ale and bread.