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Necal is the Deceiver. Necal is often seen walking the lands in Human form as a woman. In this form it fools many with truth wrapped in lies. It favors none and works to destroy the perfect harmony the Great Family has created. Where Sol brings Light it brings darkness; where Sol brings knowledge it brings ignorance. It is unclean and a trickster warping the Truth as it warps creatures. It's passion is only for itself and it feeds on despair and hopelessness. It's true form is known only to her and even the Great Family cannot hope to know what she truly looks like.

It is this that has brought doom to Mellus and separated the Harmony first created by the Great Family. Necal's will is bent always on the destruction of Mellus and the people's there.

(Cleric Domain: Evil, Destruction, Thievery, Deciept, Murder)

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