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[edit] Summer 2943 - the Ne'Ded-Aui

Since the decline of the Horus Guard and Hadar Lil power, about half a year after Helon and Horus merged, the alliance of the Northeast (Dark Alliance) was left almost destitute. Numerous heroes held local sway as far as each could enforce his dominion, and occasionally those heroes would unite for a common goal. However, in ordinary times they were much more likely to be found in hostility to one another like The A'Uer Uau and the ‘Kashtilum Vampires’. In the given state, the rights of the humbler classes of society were at the mercy of every assailant. It is apparent that without some observation upon the lawless power of the heroes, society would relapse into barbarism and as such, observations were initiated.

First, in the rivalry of the heroes themselves, where mutual jealousy made them constraints upon one another. Secondly, in the influence of their beliefs, pure or selfish, was pledged to interpose for the protection of the weak.

From this source sprang The Ne’Ded-Aui, which framed an idealism of heroic characters. Such heroes were realized through combining invincible strength, valor, sadism, loyalty to lords and Deities (Horus, Ta Surt, Ninsun, Enki, Zaltu, Namtar, and Gerra), sympathy for weakness, and lastly, devoted to Ne’Keku-Xenemet.

The word Ne’Ded-Aui come from the daemon tongue, which means The Exiled Colony, as we are an exiled colony within the world of Mellus - who never accepted our existence. Notably, the word ‘Uau’ means soldier of the colony, particularly it applies to young daemons after they are admitted the privilege of bearing arms. The six classes of which society was composed are: the Marsekal – those who wield melee weapons during the fights, the Perwira – those who use ranged weaponry ranging from a sling to a longbow, the Ajangkara – those who cast magic of elemental or arcane nature, the Kopassus - the strategist, there may be only one in the company, the Trikorra - the ambassador, there may be only one in the company and finally, the Laksamana – the leader of the Ne'Ded-Aui accompanied by three of his most trusted soldiers, who command each of the three (Marsekal, Perwira and Ajangkara) aforementioned division.

The goals of the company are to expand the society of the Daemons and Undead, restoring the power and prestige of both Races in Mellus and to bestow chaos to those who don’t accept the existence of the two. To confront and punish Realms of the Zi-Gal that injure or threaten the realms of the Vishlum or Daemons and to remove the taint of masterless Kashtilum wherever it is found.

The recruits are initiated by kneeling before the Laksamana, who, rising from his seat, gives them a symbol of death on the right hand of the recruit or recruits, and recites the blessing: “In the name of Prince of Pain, Master of Knowledge, and Prince of Dark Power, Master of Dark Hunger, and Prince of Undeath, Master of Ceremony, and Prince of Conquest, Master of Horde, and Prince of Dark Arts, Archmagus of Helon, and Goddess of War and Anger, Horus of Senf-Duu, and Ta Surt, I make you a Ne’Ded-Aui-Uau, be valiant and loyal!”

[edit] Winter 2943 - The Demise of The Ne'Ded-Aui

The attacks on the Ne’Ded-Aui stronghold grew in numbers. Even with the changing times. The alliances were confused, and chaos mounted, thicker than spring fog, issuing across freshly laid graves. Graves of those who would once oppose the Ne'Ded Aui. Laying still, their stone markers indicated where the dead were left to rot.

All to many times Crevan, the Laksamana had debated his thralls movement to be focused more on Helon as opposed to Horus. In his long life he had seen much, witnessed many things and the hand of the Daemons, and although the alliance has been shaky at best, it was one of pure survival. It was a union of convenience in order to protect the Helon’s sanctum and ensure that the honor of his people stood undefiled by those who would seek to harm the precious Lumcastia.

Times now had changed for the Ne'Ded-Aui. Their purpose, their alliances had all come into question. For the Ur-Til, the very life essence of those mortals, who’s life energies had been slowly siphoned from them through the sacred Lumcastia, threatened to overflow the might Bil-Ungrath. Setting the world as they know it astray, and threatening the precious food source they had come to count on for nourishment.

Haagenti, the kashtilum lord had placed himself on the throne during this time. Governing both the lands of Helon and Horus. The vishlum Dumu-Lugal had vanished, believed to be slaughtered. Horus was not prevalent and Haagenti’s reign was forced upon all who served in this, chaotic Dark Alliance. Crevan, respective of the councils wishes, seeking to gain his own power through the creation and expansion of the Ne’Ded-Aui focused on the defence of Helon. Guarding it’s borders relentlessly against the onslaught of the wretched Elves and the Northern Dwarves. He was bound however, to some extent to defend Senf-du, at the order of the Kashtilum Lord, and abomination.

The Winter of the year 2943 marked positive change, and also more confusion. Horus, with a vengeance that swept through Senf-Du, returned. Reaping violence across Haagenti’s Kashtilum and threatening his seat of power, the daemons were forced to choose between the leaders. The Kashtilum forces rallied around Haagenti who defeated by the might Horus took refuge in his pit located close to Helon’s sacred borders. Thus increasing the need for the Ne'Ded-Aui to protect it’s home.

During this time of strife a mysterious hooded figure returned to the land of Helon. Although his name was unknown to all he claimed himself as one of the lost Princes. He foretold that the five Dumu-Lugal would return to Helon. To rule as they once did. Namtar, the Prince who the Ne'Ded-Aui favored placed Crevan in charge of the borders of the Alliances, and for many moons, the Ne'Ded-Aui were defenders of these dark borders.

Battles swept across the lands. This forced union was strong in it’s purpose to defend the homeland. The Ne’Ded-Aui defended valiantly the borders. Jiang Xie a member of the clan through both combat prowess and loyalty to the Princes was titled guardian, further giving the Ne’Ded-Aui a stepping stone to power. Further elevating the prime purpose. This went noticed by the council, and although some were pleased, some also viewed the militant group’s prestige as a threat.

Much now had dismantled the once powerful Ne’Ded Aui. With Haagenti now off the throne of power, and the Princes claiming control of Helon all seemed to be going accordingly. However, the once noble vishlum had fallen into disrepair and disgrace. One of consequences and of violence that had gone noticed throughout the other realms. A reputation that did not balance well with the once proud vishlum warriors, as they saw themselves change, become more like the Daemons, losing their one and most important creed. To defend their flock, and preserve their way of life. To not give into the Mas-Sigar, the dark hunger that could threaten them if the Lumcastia was not fed the life-force that they originally sought to preserve.

Seeing this, and in his wisdom, Crevan, and his loyal advisors and Du-Sa Morganos, Natasha, and Furion Stilsoul, he looked to the future of his warriors, and clan. It’s purpose must change, and it’s goals must be reviewed. For now, a new threat came to shake the land. Demanding much attention and his leadership would now be more tested than at any time before. The Wyrrem and the Illadians were at war. One seeking to rule the land in chaos and one in order.

By the very nature of this battle was the turning point for many of the Races of Mellus. The Vishlum were no different. The alliances were all threatened and in turn began to crumble. It was this folly that caused even the more militant Ne'Ded-Aui to reconsider their current role, and even their once alliance with the Daemons. Again returning to the more xenophobic aspects of their people, and the original views of the Princes of Helon, which were to preserve the Ur-Til, and ensure that their way of life was maintained. Thus the Vishlum retreated slightly from sight, and although not severing all ties with the Daemon born, were prepared to do so to return to their original focus.

[edit] Winter 2944 - the Mas-Lil

With the entry of Stone, Crevan had left on a mission of importance for the clan, and although the leadership of the Ne’Ded-Aui had altered multiple times, Crevan returned. His mission was complete, and his request to move the company halls to Helons realm land was approved by the Princes. It had fallen under siege multiple times by bloodthirsty elves, and his work was disrupted too many times to have this madness continue.

The purpose now had changed. The goal was no longer to defend the Realm's soils, as the Vishlum had returned to the neutrality and mystery that used to surround their people. The shadows of the once Ne’Ded-Aui were now mere dust, and the power of the Mas-Lil would prevail where the the Ne’Ded-Aui had not succeeded. It would succeed in defending Helon, but also in heralding the new Era to come. An Era where Helon would again fade into the shadows and assist in its goals to control the Kashtilum threat, verging from Haagenti. Slaughtering any of these abomination that would seek to harm Helon or disturb the reputation Helon was trying to regain. It would still defend the gates. It would still kill trespassers who would seek to scar the land with their tainted touch. However the Mas-Lil, in its glory, would focus now on training, improvements and skills of all new Anarlum. Creating a fighting force, powerful enough to fend off would be attackers and strengthen their ranks. The forces would be powerful enough to handle the Wyrrem, the Illadians and the realms that may attack during this time of troubles.

Like Ne'Ded-Aui, Mas-Lil does have a structure:

The Aga-Us – those who wield melee weapons during the fights,

The Lu-Erim – those who use ranged weaponry ranging from a sling to a longbow,

The Lu-Gasum – those who cast magic of elemental or arcane nature,

The Girra – the diplomat,

and finally, The Sag-Kal – the leader of the colony.

The Fiefdom would grow now. Flourish in the realm lands. The growing threat of attack would become less dominant and allow the Mas-Lil, the Dark Spirit to review current Helonian and Vishlum politics, as well as to establish proper ideals to the new Anarlum. It would give them a vantage point, a stepping stone to a new prosperity , and limit the outside activities and distractions that had faced previously.

Crevan and his band would set to work.

Now was a time of change, but when eternity is all you know, adaptation, metamorphosis was a concept easily understood by all.

This would mark a new day in Helon’s history. One of reestablishing the ground lost to the barbaric Daemonic influence, and one of power for the Mas-Lil.

[edit] Spring 2945 - Exile, Once More

Hearing the voices of Necal, the Mas-Lil colony separated themselves from Bil-Ungrath. The reasons were not known as well as the purpose - the Mas-Lil returned to the old way, how the Vishlum fed in the old days, consuming blood and flesh from the Zi-Gal. The Mas-Lil soldiers lurk around caves, woods, dark places near Sparrowvale and quiet places in Darkhaven, waiting for lost orphan children to feed on.