Mission Statement of Mal-Grey

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The dwarves of Mal-Grey view themselves as a truly free people. They have fought the Katarious and remained victorious. Unlike the other races they have not known defeat at the hands of the spider-people nor have they been enslaved by either the Katarious (like the elves) or the Daemons (like the humans). Thus being called “slave” by a daemon only elicits a chuckle from a dwarf. They have not known slavery as a people and will do everything in their power to not be submitted to it from any party. In the same vein, Mal-Grey will protect any escaped slave and treat them as freemen. And by royal degree, slavery, slavers or any who traffic with them are not to be tolerated
This pride and understanding of themselves is coupled with a strong and well founded belief in their Gods: The Three. Even not overtly religious dwarves are known to evoke the Three from time to time.
Honour and loyalty are important to the Mal-Grey dwarves. Loyalty to Kin, Clan, King and their Gods. And of course, to their allies. They may butt heads over some issues with them, but differences of opinion won’t keep them away from defending their allies’ realms when they are under attack.
They have a strong foundation of tradition and knowledge that they have steadily handed on from generation to generation – producing stalwart warriors and mighty casters. And those coming from Val Grey to make their home in Mal-Grey have also brought with them the knowledge of going silent and unseen.