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Mir'Na was one of two great Sis'Ralar cities. It was in fact the original capital city of the Sis'Ralar. A glorious city located at the edge of a great forest, it stood for thousands of years as a place of government and art. It also housed the great palace of the Ri'Sis'Ralar (king). Military forces present included heavy warriors armed with long spears as well as lightly armed scouts who frequently patrolled far and wide. Additionally, the elite guard was housed in this city primarily to protect the king.

In the year -550 (pre empire) the Sis'Ralar scouts stumbled into a small Katarious patrol. Two sis survivors of this clash reported the encounter and it's bloody aftermath. This first hostile contact with an obviously aggressive and ruthless race prompted immediate and drastic measure among the Sis. Firstly, An'thru (the other great Sis'Ralar city) was to be hidden. Secondly, Mir'Na was fortified to prepare for the eventuality of the Katar attacking. The Ri'Sis'Ralar and his elite guard, as well as most government organization, was relocated to An'Thru.

Mir'Na remained safe for centuries, but eventually it was found. In the year 0167, Katar forces began besieging the great city. At first magics and martial might held the attackers at bay, but in 0174 Mir'Na was utterly destroyed by the Katar. The survivors of this great battle escaped and evolved over the years into the Sis Harrani.

The Katar built a fortress armory on the site of Mir'Na. This armory was named "Sar Kalist". After the eventual defeat of the Katar, this site lapsed into disrepair. Eventually a group of Dwarves known as the Mace stumbled into the armory and reclaimed it as a home for themselves. After the eventual defeat of the Mace, the Sis'Ralar discovered that the Site of Sar Kalist was in fact that of their ancient city. Even now, the Sis make efforts to re-establish themselves in those lands in hopes of rebuilding the city someday.