Mendezeran Historic Events

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[edit] The Age of Creation

The clouds gather above Mendezeran, but not hiding the massive shapes above them, who each in turn draws a dagger, spilling blood over the lands in an attempt to quell creatures who might overthrow them, the serpents. Out of this blood are born the Daemons, as the dawn emerges upon Mendezeran, the Gods and the newborn civilization have driven the serpents underground. The Daemon race develops fast, using the language of their Gods, and learn to build, to forge, and to survive.

[edit] Founding of Mendezeran's Capital

The city is only a small, and crude model of what it will become one day.

[edit] Founding of the Official Priesthoods and Faiths

The old system of shamans, and shrines becomes outdated, only a few shrines survive the following years. These shrines become places of pilgrimage.

[edit] Founding of the Order of Blood

Bloodlines are recorded early in this age, making it possible for later generations to trace back their bloodlines to the god, or godess that created them.

[edit] Construction of the First Flying Cities

Flying cities are constructed to safeguard the population from the golden serpents.

[edit] The Age of Conquest

The first propylon is constructed by engineers, starting an ages-long campaign to explore and conquer the universe.

The Old Gods erect the great barrier around the only land-bound Daemon city, making it impossible to be conquered by the golden serpents.

First Colony conquered after a harsh battle. Surviving natives forced to serve Daemons, but prove to be too frail and weak to serve sufficiently. Execution of all that remain by church officials.

[edit] The Order of Pain is Founded

The Ka-Unem is first constructed by the order of Pain. This leads to the first execution in Mendezeran, of a high-ranking noble family for conspiring with the serpents.

[edit] The Age of the Overlord

The Overlord is declared head of the Empire, after the only other first generation Daemon is killed, and having gained the major support in the city. A reign of darkness starts, political enemies of the Overlord tending to disappear.

The Red tower is founded as a reaction to being ruled y a single ruler. Later infiltrated and forced to see the view of the Mad daemon. The Mad Daemon gains a small, but powerful following of Mages.

The Home world of the Human Race is discovered, making former slave races negligent, due to humans' fast breeding cycles, and adaptability. The Human home world is thereafter drained of it's resources, and left as a wast jungle, the last remnants of human civilization claimed by nature.

The Overlord becomes a living God, by decree from the Gods themselves, giving him his own church.

[edit] The Age of the First Rebellion

Re-Ilykith, son of The Overlord amasses his armies, and starts the first rebellion against his father, he himself being killed in the end. The rebellion lasts a thousand years, with the rebels hiding in the forests and other harsh environments, leading a guerrilla war. Memories of the war are forever imprinted on the minds of those that see it. Use of Assassins and Ka-Unem make a heavy toll on both sides.

Horus, Nash'agh and Haagenti are born during this age.

The Overlord starts to gradually lose power, the Senate taking over the majority of his power, leaving him with only a veto. He turns into a calmer, more just leader, his speeches centering on unity, and kindness toward other Daemons.

[edit] The Age of the Second Rebellion

Priests around the world start to amass a small army, in an attempt to take the power, and making an attempt to take power, and transforming the Empire into a theocracy.

A plague is released onto the Daemons by the serpents, the plague fails as their sahu was underestimated. The plague costs the lives of many slaves and laborers, and leaving a unremoveable mark on all human genes.

The Priests are defeated in a battle, the high ranking ones executed, the lower ones ones who plead mercy, and allegiance, are imprisoned.

Laws are put in place to prevent priests gaining seats in the Senate to avoid a third rebellion

[edit] The Age of Stability

The lord of the serpents, Hkalmark'idu (A'Dedfet-Uer) battles the Overlord in a vast battlefield left from the second rebellion, the fight lasts fifteen days, until the Overlord singlehandedly slays the serpent.

The world of Mellus is discovered, and it's amount of material needed for flying cities estimated to be very high. Masses of Daemons make their way into the ranks of the explorers, becoming one of the largest colonies in Mendezeran history. Contact is lost afterwards.