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(Please note that the daemon home world is not accessible as of now, and this is just for reference to those having characters who have lived there in the distant past.)

Mendezeran, is the home world of Daemons, it is a world of Gods, where the daemons' religious beliefs are considered very highly. It is considered the grandest single world in the universe, with a rich culture, wide reign over the universe, expanding borders, advanced technology, and powerful divinity. The Clerics of the world more often visited by the gods, than anywhere else in the empire.

The world itself is rather tropical in temperature, siting impressive waterfalls, and a great amount of Volcanoes. And vast stretches of untouched jungles, only scarred by small remnants of ancient battlefields.

Through, there is one feature that is so prevalent, it can be viewed many miles away from it. The grand city of Shrakhor, high seat of the empire, and center of the daemons' religious belief. The City of Gods stretches over a area that is colossal, by any scale, its spires reaching up high towards the sky.

Filling a enormous volcano crater, that died out long ago. Covering almost a quarter of the world's landmass. The entire city was forged with a special metal, that shines burning white at day, and turns ghostly blue at night. With gardens citing impressive exotic plants, and fountains resembling great leaders through the ages, or gods, in polished versions of the uncorrodeable metal, the city has well earned it's nickname.

Daemon society centers on a colossal palace in the center of the city, it's spires visible from nearly anywhere within Shrakhor. There rules the Senate, a council of pure-blooded princes, and ambassadors from other colonies. The Senate, are chosen by their reputation with the people, and Senators remain only in the Senate as long as they have significant support in the city and beyond. Every pureblood across the empire counts for this purpose, and even some rare cross-breeds, and tiet-mes, who prove their loyalty outstandingly are allowed a voice in what senators are to remain in office.

The Senate, is the leading supreme authority in the lands but are not the recognized heads of the empire, that is the Overlord, acting as the direct spokesman of the gods, and considered one himself. The Overlord is the last first-generation pureblood, commanding immense respect across the empire. However, his actual political powers have been limited across the ages, as the people wanted greater control. The last millions of years (before the daemons arrived in Mellus) He has been reduced to having a Veto, as well as having the highest religious authority in Mendezeran. However, his influence is somewhat beyond his legal powers, often advising the various princes and Senators, who take his words with a varying degree of respect.

While the Senate are normally considered superior to all, there have been two widespread rebellions through the ages, once, by the Overlord's son who rallied an army, and sought to take power for himself. The second was the priesthoods, attempting to take the titles of living gods for themselves. Both rebellions were bloody, and punishment, harsh.

The gods of the Kheprer are important to them, as it was their blood that created them, and each home has at least one shrine to them in it. As a priest, as such, one does gain allot of respect, but is not allowed to the nobility required to enter the Council, as a consequence of the second rebellion.

The streets of Shrakhor are always teeming with life, from the wise heads who gather in the city square to discuss politics, to large slave-markets, to the shady harbor, where there is a great amount of violence, drinking, revelry, and gold can buy anything one pleases. It is also there that young daemons, eager to prove themselves, subscribe to a life at the universe's most dangerous sea. And the propylon-district, where the armies of the Overlord, and the senate rally for new conquests.

In the great Library of Shrakhor, contains all knowledge and literature there is across the empire, working as a prime point of gathering for scholars and Mages. An ancient fourth generation daemon, with a long beard, and commanding most known magic in the empire, is the librarian, often taking the time to chat with traveling scholars, and demanding knowledge that can be added to the library in return for a visit. During the first rebellion, this place was caught in a hostage situation, where the Overlord's son demanded free travel away from the city for his troops, in exchange for almost half the senators. This was granted, and regretted by the Overlord.

The dark tunnels beneath Mendezeran, contains the greatest foe the kheprer have fought, large golden serpents, who call themselves the Erk-ylum, immortal, through, not as kheprer are, and the main reason for the flying cities. Through, by this date and age, the Senate and the highest mages of the city have warded the capital throughly, slave breeding grounds and farms on the ground are at constant risk of attack. The serpents are few, but larger than all but the largest of kheprer, and are intelligent, but have never shown any willingness to communicate with their rivals. They seem to make no distinction onto daemons and mortals, eating, or attacking either at random.

The wildlife on Mendezeran is generally harmless, and is in good numbers, and the forests nearly untouched. This is due to the daemons relying on slaves colonies, and herds of tame wildlife and breeding farms to sustain them, and their slaves. The Volcanoes that dot the landscape, however, are often a threat towards wildlife, wiping away entire herds who fail to respond quick enough to an eruption. A few, however, have grown accustomed to the heat, living in the most active vulcanic regions, the Unaiok-Ke are a species of hunting beasts that can withstand the heat of molten rock, and uses this to prey on other wildlife that falls victim to the heat. As a result of this odd evolution, priests have declared the beast sacred, and superstitious daemons keep a symbol resembling its canine form with them at all times. Daemonic druids are often found in the deep recesses of the wilderness, preferring the natural creatures there, above the company of mortals or other daemons. Once a hundred years, they hold a druid meet atop ancient ruins on a hill in the largest forest. Khulrm'k.