Mass heal

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Mass Heal
Heals: 20 per level
Limit: min. 120
max. 800
Damage: 1d6 per level
Type: positive
Limit: min. 60
Save: Fortitude, Special
SR: Yes
Immunity: none

The Mass Heal spell has been adjusted and enhanced. The amount restored hit points depends on caster levels and a damage effect has been added. The spell works as followed:

  • Allies (party members) are healed
  • Enemies are hurt. Like Harm this requires a successful touch attack and has a fortitude save
  • Neutral creatures or players are unaffected
  • This spell can kill an enemy
  • Druid and cleric levels are added for DC and damage calculations

The special DC is calculated as:

CasterLevel + NWN DC - 9

NWN DC is calculated as:

DC = 10 + spell level + wisdom modifier + feat modifier

The feat modifier is +6 for Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration, +4 for Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration and +2 for Spell Focus: Conjuration. The feat modifiers are not cumulative.

Your Wisdom Modifier is equal to:

(Wisdom - 10)/2 (rounded down)