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[edit] The Maker: The Machine Army

The disciples of the Maker, those mechanical creatures are the eyes and hands of the Maker. As the Maker has never shown himself to anyone those are the creatures any and all other races ever saw.

The Machine Army hosts four major regiments:

- The Sentry Regiment (The Alpha Regiment) : Led by Grand Commander, Alpha:4, those heavy combat units are the most common machines seen by other races, they function as both the quill and the sword of the Machine army, dealing with barters with other races and with the attacks on them.

- The Miner Regiment (The Beta Regiment): Led by Grand Commander, Beta:7, those utility units have traveled the surface unseen for a long period before the Maker decided to reveal the presents of his army, now the Beta miners can usually be found in temporary mining sites guarded by large number of sentries.

-The Engineering Regiment ( The Gamma Regiment): Led by Grand Commander, Gamma:8, very little is known about those machines, only one unit of this regiment was ever seen, it was in the Illiadian trial in dark haven, the unit was Gamma:8 himself, but he said very little during this trial, revealing nothing of his regiment.

-The Intelligence Regiment (The Delta Regiment): Led by Grand Commander, Delta:2, this regiment hosts two types of units, the first is the information retrieval druids, the most commonly seen is the Ocular modals, a small orange eye like machine who serves as a messenger, the other type are the outsourced units, who are the machines or organics that work for the Maker outside the machine army, while the mechanical members of the outsourced unit are easily identified, the identity of the organic members of the Delta Regiment is unknown even to its other members.