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[edit] Q: How do Alignments Work?

A: StormNexus is a Play What You See server, and we consider alignment to be a weak game mechanic. Thus we have done as much as possible to eliminate it. There are no alignment based Factions, and no alignment-based Class restrictions.

If your character needs a certain alignment for a class you want, you can change it to meet the requirements by using the Rest Menu. It's as simple as that!

[edit] Q: Wait, I like to use alignments!

A: Of course, everyone is different! If you still wish to roleplay your alignment, feel free. We wouldn't even consider stopping you (in fact, the author of this FAQ always plays his alignment).

Using the Rest Menu, set your character to the alignment you think best describes him or her, and enjoy.

[edit] Q: But, this makes build x/y/z possible!

A: Oh, we know, we know.

Power builders are always among us, squeezing every last drop out of every character. At StormNexus, we recognize that they are just one of the many facets of online gaming, and as such we concentrate not on stopping them - a futile effort, if ever there was one - but on maximizing freedom and keeping gameplay fun.

We structure our items so that everyone always has a shot, from the biggest powergamer to the greenest newbie. No one will ever be invulnerable, nor will anyone ever be completely harmless. Don't believe us? Build that Harper Scout and see for yourself!