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[edit] The Realm of Horus

Horus is a Realm populated by Daemons which came to Mellus from another world along with their slaves, the Humans. The Daemons came to Mellus to mine a mineral that is used in making their sky cities float. They have since suffered a number of set backs including loss of their gateway back home and the destruction of all their sky cities. The current Daemon Lord, Horus (for whom the Realm is named) is trying to rebuild his devastated Realm, survive attacks by Daemon-hating zealots, and find the lost gateway to get off this miserable rock. Daemons are used to being at the top of the food chain and ruling supreme in all lands and worlds they have conquered. But cut off and isolated, the Daemons of Mellus are fighting a different battle - one to survive!

Ancient History of Horus

Recent History of Horus

Mission Statement of Horus

Religion of Horus

Geography of Horus

Friends and Enemies of Horus

Dictionary of Daemon Terms

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