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[edit] The Beginning

After the dwarven scouts who were exploring the northern mountains of Ral-Grey (Dwarven: Maurr Ald Ral-Grey) found massive deposits of metal ore, some of the dwarven clans (the largest of which being the Stonemarks (KarazMaurk), the Blackhelms (KulHaulmr) and the Rockhammers (KarazHaus), decided to mine it. Years passed, and the mountain halls of Ral-Grey were slowly carved larger and with great skill. Smiths of Ral-Grey learned much in those days, and in time Ral-Grey became known as the Armory of Dwarves (Alaugat Ald Khauzd), so great were the items they forged.

[edit] The end of the first kingdom of Ral-Grey

In the year 2841, just 25 years before the fall of the Katarious Empire, the Katarious army moved out in search of revenge for the destruction of their Armory at Sar Kalist. They would march on the Dwarvish Kingdom of Ral-Grey, unbeknownst to the Dwarves, or seemingly any of their nearby allies.

The Katarious reached the outermost settlements soon after they set out on their secret march, destroying them utterly, with little organized resistance. The Ral-Grey Dwarves were completely unprepared, having received no word of the movements of this large force. Once prepared, after the fall of some of the outermost settlements, the Ral-Grey Dwarves under King StoneMark I (Dorni KarazMaurk Ald Hrun) mount an organized defensive and begin to drive back the Katarious Legions. Just as the tide seemed to be turning, and the stout warriors had begun to drive back the Katarious, the great servants of the Katarious, the Carror Giants, struck at the flanks of the Dwarves. The war lasted precious few moments after the strength of the Carror was joined with the Katarious Legions. The warriors of the Ral-Grey stood and fought to the last man. When the army of the Ral-Grey, and King StoneMark I himself is slain, the Carror overrun the upper halls of the Kingdom, killing women and children alike, who were found not far from the front lines, mending the wounded and preparing meals even as the Carror and Katarious streamed through the Great Gate.

The Ral-Grey Dwarves disappeared from the world of Mellus, or so they had hoped. The Carror stayed in the region after the battle, remaining there even after the fall of the Katarious Empire.

[edit] Stories

[edit] The final battle of Ral-Grey

The Great Host of Ral-Grey Dwarves, led at the front by King StoneMark I and the War Master, Thror Blackhelm, the warriors of the greatest Dwarvish settlement in the northern reaches march out to their doom. For they could have no way of knowing what ambush lay in wait. To the north and south of the Katarious Legions lies the greater force of the Carror Giants, slaves of the Katarious.

When the Dwarves reached the lines of the Katarious, it went as they suspected. Though the Katarious are feared by many of the races in Mellus, they were no match for the war-like Dwarves of the Ral-Grey who had dwelt so long in this harsh and unfriendly region in the north. The Army of Ral-Grey pushed the Katarious back, allowing the outer settlements to retreat to the Great Gate. Just when Thror was leading his hosts on a final charge, to break the Katarious with a final blow, did he hear the horns. The fabled horns of the Carror could be heard on the cold wind.... only moments later would their mauls be seen shining under the northern sun as they charged down slopes into the valley from the north and south.

The Dwarves under StoneMark I fought long and hard, but in the end the added strength of the Carror proved enough to serve the Katarious in victory. The Dwarves who had been retreating to the Great Gate had slowed their pace, thinking the battle would be soon in ending, were trampled underfoot when the Carror stormed toward the heart of the Kingdom.

As night fell on the northern range, the scene inside the great halls of the Ral-Grey Kingdom was gruesome. Bodies lay strewn about the halls, stacked on top of each other in small mounds, ready to be burned. The Carror were thorough in their slaughter of the Ral-Grey Dwarves. They killed everyone they could find, and in another day the former home of the Ral-Grey would henceforth be a settlement of Carror Giants.

[edit] Story of Blackhelms

Thain picked his way down from the High Reaches only moments before the Carror reached the Great Gate... having only a few seconds to tell Grungar of the battle before gathering their kin and ushering them into the lower-east tunnels. Standing at the small pass that lead into the lower-east tunnels, as the last child ducked into the passageway, Grungar looked back in the direction of the screams. He clutched the axe at his side, offered a silent prayer for his father and his cousins that couldn't escape the hall.... then turned and followed his surviving family into the lower-east tunnels, leaving behind his dead father, his dead people... abandoned by the Three, left to die by their "allies" to the south, he swore to himself that he would never let his people be caught off-guard... that he would never leave his fate in the hands of false-Gods, nor trust in ANYTHING he could not touch or see. Reaching once more for the axe at his side, he swore to do whatever was necessary to see that his kin survived this black day.

Grungar ducked his head low as he made his way through the tunnels, toward the cold plains where he and his kin would be forced to scratch out a new life. He knew in his heart that these next years would be difficult, and surely many wouldn't outlive the first winter here in the north. In his heart, that which grew more cold and dark with each step, Grungar knew he may well be merely escaping to a slower death.

[edit] The rest in a nutshell

The survivors of the Blackhelm clan wandered the cold plains and slowly moved further south. They were considered to be a band of robbers and thieves, making their living with whatever they could find. They didn't trust anyone. Eventually they found their way to a war camp at Sar-Kalist. The leader of the camp was a former general in Mal-Grey army, called The Dark Mace (De KulazMazz). The story tells that Mace disappeared for some years, and that the Daemons had managed to capture him. The Blackhelms were basically in charge of the camp when he eventually returned. After some time it became apparent that the daemons had indeed captured the real Mace and sent an impostor to lead the camp (De LyyazMazz, the False Mace). Blackhelms took the daemon down, and knowing that the real Mace would never return, took their trusted allies with them and moved back to north, where their homes used to be.

They had to fight beasts and giants in order to reach the gates of an old fortress, but eventually they managed to get through and set up a camp behind the gates (Klaennen ald GrayLaunnd ald Ral-Grey). It took years of rebuilding, but nowdays the halls of Ral-Grey are almost as great as they once were.

Months after the reclamation of Ral-Grey by the Blackhelm Clan, a hardened group of veteran Dwarves appeared at the rebuilt gates. At the head of these Dwarves was Thror Blackhelm... he and those in his host were the only survivors from the battlefield at the Fall of Ral-Grey. They had been living in the former trading village of Snowbourne since the Fall, with no way to get south past the Carror Giants to search Mellus for other survivors. Now that the Giants had been driven out of the North, the few remaining survivors from the Fall of Ral-Grey had returned, and Thror would soon after be raised to be the new King of Ral-Grey (becoming Dorni Thrar KulHalmr Ald Hrun). His coronation marked the second coming of the Kingdom of Ral-Grey (Dornat Ald Ral-Grey Al Tva), and the lifeblood of the entire North would soon follow with it.